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2017 06 20 Journal Excerpt Page 34 June 20, 2017

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A writing we will go.


To find something that you are passionate about is a joy to behold. Being able to do it quite often expands the joy, and being able to turn it into a career is, well, in a perfect world, right?


I have always loved to write. This fact is true. I never paid much attention to whether people thought I was good at it. All I knew was that it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t until these recent years that I really started paying attention to what folks were telling me. If I was as good at it as they were telling me, maybe I should stick with it and see what happens.


So, I did, and here I am, writing some more.


Thanks for all the kind words, and here we go with more of what I write about.


Take care.






Page 34


Written, June 11, 2017

Describing, Late spring, early summer, 2011.


Where the hell am I? Have I blasted into the future? This looks like 2017. Could it be?


Yes, it’s true. I am in the future, writing about the past, once again, but this time, the time from here to then is a little longer.


Back in spring 2011, many things were going on in my life that completely gobbled up most of my time. Yes, I was pulled out of the first employability skills workshop, but as I wrote, the experience was priceless. I learned many things, and took away an emotional extravaganza that you just can’t find anywhere.


Late that spring, my VRC, Leona, retired from DBVI. I was shocked and upset and confused and angry. The first thing I thought was, “How could she do this to me!”, and it was a few days before I could climb down from that ladder of selfishness to fully understand what was happening. Plain and simple, it was change. The same change that I wrote about in my page 25 submission.


Change is gonna come. Change will do you good. So many metaphors climbed in and out of my head. So many things, so little time, so much for change.


Like many blind people, the obstacles that accompany accessibility weighed in on Leona’s decision to retire, and looking back on it now, I fully understand. Each day, it seems I come in contact with an issue with my computer, or areas of the internet that just don’t seem to click. I realize that so many things need to interact perfectly for the experience of assistive technology to work, but I also realize how much we depend on those things to work correctly, for without them, our computers, cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones and any other thing that works with zeroes and ones goes silent, thus bringing our experience to a sudden halt.


Like I said, Leona resigned her position to the next person in line, who out of a necessity for temporary fixes, turned out to be her past VRC, Carolyn Bebee.


I didn’t know Carolyn. I had never met her, never heard of her, and before I knew it, I got a phone call from her. We set up an appointment for her to come to the house, and after talking to her for a few minutes, I could plainly understand what Leona meant when she told me that I would be in good hands. This woman completely caught me off guard with her knowledge, her drive, her ability to communicate, it was all so pleasing and soothing to a pair of ears that needed exactly what she brought to the table.


One thing that Carolyn did was take an interest in my growing passion for writing, and she jumped all over it. Within a few days, she had given me contact info for a writer’s group that was comprised entirely of writer’s with disabilities. I contacted a local lady who was a member of the group. Her name was Bobbi LaChance, who lived nearby in Auburn. After calling and talking to Bobbi, I quickly joined the group, Behind Our Eyes, and am still writing with them today.


Bobbi LaChance was a very inspirational woman who had such a calming tone. I felt instantly at home while talking to her, and was inspired to write and write and write and here I am, six years later, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages of words later to tell you that I owe so much to her, to Carolyn, to Leona, and to all the writers of the group.


Bobbi LaChance passed away a few weeks ago from a prolonged bout with cancer. Her spirit will live on forever through the writers of Behind Our Eyes, and her uniquely crafted talent will continue to inspire me, and many others, forever and a day. Thank you Bobbi, and May God always keep you safe.


I did also join another writer’s group that summer, and was introduced to another stable full of creative writers. These uniquely diverse word crafters taught me a little more about creative writing, which seemed to be the style that best suited me. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write, and write I did. Poems and essays and short stories and prompts and before I knew it, the saved word documents were piling up.


Working with the second writer’s group taught me quite a bit about internet access as well. The group met online every Saturday, and I had to learn how to use an online chat program called Team Talk. This program caused me fits the first month or so, but with much trial and error, I finally got it tweaked and adjusted enough to make heads or tails out of it. I know I drove the members crazy the first few times, as when I came into their chat room, the volume was blazing, the squelch was squalking, and by the sounds of it, their patience was growing a little thin. I almost said to hell with it and quit the group, but something told me to stick around and give it another go, and go I did.


Between the two groups, I was having a little difficulty figuring out which group was which, and which writers belonged to what group. It was all a blurred writing assignment that caused me to search through all of the possibilities that might turn into a story, or an essay, or a poem, or perhaps a book?


To be continued…


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