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2017 06 18 Journal Excerpt Page 32 June 18, 2017

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There have been many learning experiences these past seven years, and none any better than back in 2011, when a naïve blind ridge goat embarked on a continuing career of gullability. My trusting soul got the better of me, as you’ll read in this next excerpt.


As we live, we learn, and as we learn, we wake up to live another day. I’ve learned today that this WordPress website has funked out on me once again. The battle between JAWS and the internet continues, and once again, the learning comes at me with both barrels blazing.


Take care, and God bless all of ya’s.






Page 32


In the spring, I began an unfortunate learning experience with Brandon H, a twenty year old spoiled brat of a rich kid from Long Island that I had met at the Carroll Center. He asked me if I would like to do some marketing for his new radio web site. I, at first, was more than apprehensive, but remembered what I had told myself, that I would not turn away from any challenge, or opportunity.


It was the middle of April, and I had no idea what in hell I was doing, but I was going to do it anyway. I got some help from Lynne on how to try and get organized, so that I could try to manipulate a good days work. I did a lot of web browsing at first, searching for contact info of businesses, colleges, and different organizations to try and market the radio station. I did write several cover letters to send to different places, trying to market the station. I really took pride in some of the letters I had written, and was backing up and sending along all of my work to Brandon to let him know what I was doing. I was able to market the station as I saw fit, and through it all, I built a contacts list of info for all of the places that I was calling, emailing or trying to get hold of.


After several weeks of this type work, I was noticing that I was not getting any bites on any of it. The only responses I was receiving were letters from a few of the sports teams asking if our station was a non profit station, and they would look at a donation if we provided our non profit information. We were not a non profit station, and from then on I realized that I was banging my head against the wall, and that this sort of business was not a good avenue of advertisement for anyone, due to the indirect nature of our audience. We didn’t have a general area of interest that would entice businesses to advertise with us. I perfectly understood their concerns, and by the first of June, I eased back on my approach to the marketing of the station.


During all of these weeks, Brandon kept on trying to trick me into believing that the phone calls from prospected customers that I was receiving were legit. They were not legit. They were Brandon trying to fool me with his pathetic voice impersonations. He did this continuously, and with the help of his waste of skin, Chico, the crap infested Connecticut Puerto Rican. Between the two of them, I think that I was entertaining them. It was very apparent that they were both just wasting the time of day with this foolish mentality, and when I confronted Brandon with it, he admitted that he had been testing me. I asked him if I passed the test, and he said I did. The foolishness continued though, and along with it, other things that he started doing, such as impersonating different people that he had asked to join and work for the station, such as a lawyer from New York City, another tech guru who was a woman, and a couple others. He even tried impersonating someone who was announcing bus station arrivals and departures. It really was pitifully childish, and it made me realize that I had pretty much wasted a couple months on the marketing campaign.


during all of this, Brandon kept asking me if I wanted to do a show on the station. He knew that I had a ton of music, and that I loved the thought of being able to do a show myself. I jumped at the chance, and was able to put on a couple shows with his help, as I was tethered through his pc. I was having some issues with my pc, and when I tried to do the show from my pc, it seemed to lock up the program that we used to broadcast to the internet.


after the first two or three shows, I got an uneasy feeling. He abruptly ended a couple of the shows by telling me that someone had emailed the show to request a song. The song was either a fifteen minute song, or a compilation of songs that would end up taking us through the last half hour of the show without me being able to do any more of the show..


I caught him on this lie by staying logged on to the internet feed, and listening to see if he played all of the said requests. After a couple minutes when he thought I was logged off and gone, he went back to the automated player. I called him on the phone and asked why he wasn’t playing the whole request, and he said it was a malfunction in the program.


Well, after that, he kept telling me that I would be able to do a show at a certain time, so I kept emailing everyone and telling them the day and time of the next show. The next show never came, as he kept either cancelling the show, or just didn’t show up online.


Our relationship finally ended in September. I had emailed him a couple times asking him what the hell was going on, and reminded him how much work I had done for his station, with no pay, or no acknowledgement.


The young man has his head up his ass, and Chachi’s is right behind it. He is such a bright kid, I just wish he would pull away from chachie, who I firmly believe will end up stealing the life out of Long Island Brandon.


Just my opinion. I am still a little bitter about it all, but realize that I learned so much in the time I spent doing the marketing. Another learning opportunity that I believe I made the most of.


I don’t want to hold any resentments from it all, because I really don’t have any room for anything like that in my life any more. I lived it, and I learned from it, and I wish Brandon the best.


To be continued


2 Responses to “2017 06 18 Journal Excerpt Page 32”

  1. Deon, you might want to check out mushrom fm. Based in Austrailia, it’s an Internet radio station with a worldwide audience that plays music from the 50’9 through the 80’s and broadcasts human interest programs. It has an automated player, but people can volunteer to do shows like you did with Brandon. Of course you’d probably have to use your own computer, but it might be worth looking into.

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Yes, I checked into the Mushroom back in 2012, and actually sent them a letter of interest. They took a while to get back to me, but they did. I became busy with school and never did anything with the opportunity, but it’s still there for perhaps the future. Thanks for the info. dp

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