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2017 04 24 Poetry: Alt Control J April 24, 2017

24 is an even number, and even though today was an odd day, I don’t regret it, even for a second.

This digital world that I find myself immersed in, tends to bring me to places that several years ago I didn’t know existed. Sometimes I type before I think, and reading many of the pieces that end up on the screen, all I can say is, “I know, right?”

Actually, I have commented many times that the things I type appear on the screen. Truth is, I don’t turn my screen on. No need to anymore really. Still, the guy in the tower keeps pace with my fingers. I like this keypad. The keys are very responsive, and none of them stick. I hate it when that happens.

And again, here we are on this, the 24th day of April, and as National Poetry Month continues to move forward with grace and determination, I will add one more poetic encounter to the impressive collection from a very impressive group of creators.

No matter where you go, there’s a bunch of words waiting to be rhymed with each other.

Give them their due.
Take care and write on.



Alt Control J

Punch the keys and listen.
A synchronized voice calls out through the dark.
Enter key, tab key, alt control j.
Number line ends with a sticky bump.
Question, question, question.

Fingers create from thought.
Lines of text appear out of nowhere.
Does it make any sense?
Does it resemble anything significant?
Be careful not to be repetitive.
Be careful not to be repetitive.
Did the man on the motherboard ship come in peace?
Did the great white arrive from oceans deep?

Just keep typing.
Just keep typing.
Just keep typing.


4 Responses to “2017 04 24 Poetry: Alt Control J”

  1. Deon, this is good, but I’m curious. What does Altogether Control J do? Is it a Jaws command?

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Abbie. Alt Control J is the quick key command I use to launch JAWS from my desktop. I use quick key launch for a bunch of programs, like word, explorer, IE, Firefox, JAWS, and a few others. I think that by default, Alt control j works with the installation of jaws. It’s so natural for me to use quick launch keys that I didn’t think about those who don’t. grin

      Sent from my wicked smart Windows 10 machine

      • No problem, Deon, thanks for enlightening me. I don’t have Jaws so that wouldn’t work for me, but System Access has its own quick launch keystroke, Alt Contrkl S.

  2. Walter and Dorothy Woitasek Says:

    Hi deon, well, I took your advice, I hope it works.I’

    M looking forward to the next few days. I will try posting each day.a digital world after all, is the kind of world the blind live in. reminds me of doubting Thomas and Jesus. Put tyour hand in my side and believe. Our world is where our digits tell u swhts=what is real. walter

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