Feeling the warmth of the sun on a cloudy day. A glimpse into a blind billy goat's unique, ever changing perspectives.

2017 04 22 Poetry: A World With a View April 22, 2017

The 22nd of April, and again another day is winding down.

I’ve enjoyed this trip through National Poetry Month, the highs, the lows, the valleys and the ridge with a magnificent view. I can still see the sun sinking below Sugarloaf Mountain across the evening sky. Some of the most amazing sunsets imagineable were right there in front of me as I backed my vehicle into the driveway. The pictures I took of those sunsets remain embedded in my brain’s photo album. Page after page of wonderment and captured brilliance.

I’m thankful for the images I carry with me. Although I sometimes feel as though I had so many more to capture, the ones I cherish are the ones I take with me towards tomorrow.

Losing vision can only be described as a test of unknown strengths of heart, of spirit and of those that surround you to give you support. I am a very lucky man to have the people in my life that have chosen to help me ride this unplanned life.

As life remains unplanned, this poem I’m submitting this evening arrived unplanned. I tell myself it appeared for a reason, and as so many other poems I’ve written, its meaning changes every time I read down through it.

Thanks for putting up with my scattered thoughts and ping pong approach to my writing. I’m glad that I have a place to share it, and I’m even more grateful that I have the chance to read the writings of so many of you.

Be well, and don’t ever stop capturing your thoughts in script.



A World With a View

Sleepless nights have their way with me.
Restless heart has control of me.
Shattered nerves tug at my very core.
Borrowed sanity has me pleading for more.

I fall prey to the illusion.
I wince from the abrasion.
I become part of the confusion.
I trip over the destruction.

Uneasy soul stirs a panicked dash.
Whispers rise from exhausted ash.
Common sense rehearses the play.
Timid actor forgets what to say.

I investigate the inspiration.
I travel the new dimension.
I wait with anticipation.
I hear the ovation.

Similar souls reach out with care.
Visions form from a lightless stare.
A journey starts from a beginning that’s new.
A world with a purpose.
A world with a view.


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