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2017 04 21 Poetry, Eyes of Blue April 21, 2017

Happy April 21, and good afternoon to ya.

Affections of the heart contain so many powerful elements that sometimes it’s hard to describe it. Doing it justice comes to mind, and whether this is ever achieved is surely debateable.

Some of the strongest feelings I have ever felt have been surrounded with affection. Family is usually the reason that those feelings are so strong, and there’s no denying that the older I get, the more important family is.

One pair of eyes captured my own heart in world record time, and ever since that day, has easily held the title. I think it’s safe to say that this record probably won’t ever be broken.

Needless to say, this poem is reflective of that world record, the holder of the record, and a man who witnessed the record being set.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and happy 21st day of National Poetry Month.

Have fun, and be well.



Eyes of Blue

I’d can’t believe what I see in those eyes of blue.
I can see my heart melting in their reflection.
I can see a 19 year old searching for something to say to those eyes.
I see his face turn red as those eyes glance at him for the first time.
I catch a glimpse of his mind wandering at a furied pace.
I see him lean in for that first kiss.
I notice him leaning in again for a second kiss, and a third.
Within the reflection, I see a baby is born.
I catch a tear rolling down his cheek.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger smile.
Those blue eyes reflect a young man growing deeper in love.
I can see a swing set, a Tonka truck and a pair of kid’s sneakers.
Blue reflections draw a picture and tape it to the fridge.
I see a father blowing out a candle, then another, and another.
I catch another glance of yet another kiss.
There it is, another one of those hugs.
I see a father hug a young man wearing a gown and a cap.
Those reflections of blue show a father at his son’s wedding.
And there’s the father again, sitting in a chair beside his wife, waiting for something.
Reflections show a father reaching out to hold his newborn grandson.
I see another tear running down a man’s smiling face.
I feel what I can see, and the vision is very, very good.


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