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2017 04 20 Poetry, Colors of Spring April 20, 2017

Well this past Easter Sunday it looked like spring was here to stay put, but oh how this Maine weather can turn on a dime. It snowed today, and rained, and the raw chill to the April air reminded me once again where I live. Now, don’t get me wrong, as I love living in Maine. Heck, it’s all I’ve ever known, but it seems the older I get, the older I get. Grin

The colors of spring have a habit of arriving on time, although it seems a little late some years. With those colors come so many characteristics that lend to the array of imagination and reality. Nature comes in many forms, and as the colors hold their own story, so too do the bright eyes and bushy tails that scamper around from color to color.

Oh ya, don’t forget the flyers. How could we ever forget the magnificent flyers of the skies.

I wish you all a colorful April day, and may there be many more to follow for you all.

This poem is my submission for April the 20th. NPM is still going strong, and BOE is living, writing proof.



Colors of Spring

Crocuses breathe a sigh of relief
Daffodils trumpet their call
Daisies and tulips paint a scene
A colorful canvas stands tall

A woodchuck yawns away his rest
A pole cat waddles by
A chipmunk hangs upside down from a tree
The osprey soars out with a cry

Starlings line up and head on north
The flight of the geese is heard
Humming birds dart and dance about
The recipe of spring is stirred


2 Responses to “2017 04 20 Poetry, Colors of Spring”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–I think you should be proclaimed “The Poetry King of Spring”! Thank you for this delightfully spring-rich poem that tickles a winter soul. Although I relish each line of this poem, your final line is outstanding.

    Awaiting your “Big Ten” Finale for National Poetry Month–Alice and Willow

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Alice. The spring colors are making their way across this amazing land. I hope they sweep you off your feet and settle you down upon a rainbow of poetic verse. Thank you so much for your comments. All the best to you and Willow girl. dp

      Sent from my wicked smart Windows 10 machine

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