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2017 04 16 Poetry, Hey There Robin April 16, 2017

Oh what a glorious day it is here on the ridge. A finer Easter Sunday is rarely seen around these parts, and the spring singers are taking advantage of those warm southern winds.

A friend stopped by this morning. We probably hadn’t seen him, or her, or them since last fall, and it wasn’t long before the proud singers enlightened us with a rendition of a very impressive chorus.

Robins come, and they go, and usually with a song or two, followed by a quick dash across the lawn. Sometimes we are treated to having them set up house out back in the nooks of a pine tree or two, and when the evening rolls around, man do they love to sing out loud for all to hear.

There’s no bird more beautiful, and there are no flyers who can out sing these amazing creatures.

Spring has finally sprung here in Central Maine, and the warmer temps sure do feel good on these old bones.
I hope your day brings you a flying dancer who likes to sing as our robins do. The birds are making their way north, and their luggage is chock full of some amazing sheet music.

Good afternoon to you all.



Hey There Robin

Hey there robin, singing up a storm,
Can you hum me a few spring time bars?
Can you sing to me about this beautiful day?
You look as majestic as your ever changing song.

Flitter about you dancing flyer.
Race along those young blades of grass.
Stop and look, but only for a second or two,
As if you just noticed you’re late for a train.

Hey there robin, with your colors so proud,
Care to share any news from the southern states?
Are you just stopping by for a spell or two?
Is that your duet partner I hear across the yard?

Thanks for the visit, for the song, for the dance.
Thanks for keeping me company for an hour or two.
I wish you well as you get along your way.
I hope this nice spring weather keeps on chasing you.


2 Responses to “2017 04 16 Poetry, Hey There Robin”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Easter Greetings! Your creative thought of a luggage full of sheet music for your friend, the robin, has made my day happily poetic. Mother Nature has also been kind to Wisconsin on this Easter Day: we are not accustomed to such nice weather days for the Easter Bunny and all his followers. Thanks for another wonderful poem to brighten the April day even more.

    Easter blessings to you and yours–Alice and Willow

  2. PJ Says:

    Lovely. Brings up clear images, visual and auditory, too!! Thanks, Brother!!! Keep on a’writin’!!

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