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2017 04 11 Poetry, Snapshots of Emotion April 15, 2017

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The digital world is formed from zeroes and ones. Side by side, they afford us the luxury to communicate, to express, to explore and to discover a world that we never knew existed just a few short years ago.

My life has changed during my own exploration of the digital world. My ability to express has delivered unexpected gifts during this time, and to think that seven years ago I didn’t even know how to touch type.

Feelings and emotions change and shift through time, but one thing remains constant. One thing pulls and tugs at the heart with meaning and purpose. I feel it, we feel it, without understanding the power, and the gentle characteristics that gracefully weave the magic that becomes.

And again I ramble on, but I also am ever aware with each day that this ingredient is part of me, and I seem to have lost my train of thought.

So, on this 11th day of April, I throw another poem into the National Poetry Month’s melodic festival of words. I have been inspired by the many poems I have read thus far, and am anxious to read more.

Have a great rest of your day, and thank you all for your inspiration.



Snapshots of Emotion

Snapshots of emotion.
A warm and tender breeze.
A gentle touch, a lasting smile,
That swells along the seas

Inquisitive hearts forever search.
A passionate beat within.
A longing gaze , a lasting glance.
Unwritten bond of kin.

Moments of pure affection.
Kindred souls collide.
A sunset laced with brilliant light.
Pure love, from deep inside.


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