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2017 04 09 Poetry, Simple Things April 15, 2017

Good Sunday all.

The world can get pretty complicated with all that’s going on. Sometimes through all of the daily comfusion we forget to take a moment to cherish the simplest of things. A smile, a frown, a wave hello or a hug good bye, it all helps to bring us back to a reality we can live with and learn from at a more comfortable clip.

With my school, ACB, trying to help out around the house and keeping up with family news, some days slip away until I’m lying in bed at night trying to figure out why and how the day flew by so fast. I ain’t getting any younger, and some days it feels like I’m growing old too fast.

This poem reflects on a little of that, and as I sit and think, I remember how good it is to not do anything at all, but sit, and think.

A good Sunday evening to you all, and happy writing to each and every one of you.



Simple Things

I think I’ll just sit back awhile
And stare out at the view
A sunset streaking to and fro
With hints and shades of blue

I think I’ve never really seen
So picturesque a sight
So magnificent an evening’s hand
That’s pointing towards the night

I think that there’s so many things
I’ve recently admired
A spoken word amidst the trees
The way the hours expired

I think I’ll relish simple things
As long as I shall breathe
A complex world has fallen short
From finding things to leave

I think I’ll sit right where I’m at
And ponder for a spell
Life’s too short to fret about
There’s not much else to tell


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