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2017 04 07 Poetry, In a Darker Room April 15, 2017

Hello again. Please excuse these posts that are titled by a different date than the post entry. I wrote a few poems for the month, and am just getting to posting them on this blog. Thanks, and hi again.

To have vision loss is a journey of the heart and soul. Many times as I have searched for a sliver of light, I found myself celebrating the simplest of things that I spent a lifetime taking for granted.

Through the loss of that light, I have found new ways to discover the light, the illumination that now exists from within. I owe so much of these new ways to you all, for your words, your inspiration has helped me so much these past few years.

The light has a way of dancing across a world. The shimmer, the flicker, the incredibly quick dance of shadows as the day moves along.

So many things in our lives depend on each other. We bring things to life with the words that tell the story, and with each letter, the dance begins.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say with this submission, but like most everything I sit down to write, the reasons and the meaning changes each time I read the words back.

It’s another morning in April, and another poem for the National Poetry Month.

Have a great Friday, and forever write on.



In a Darker Room

In a darker room the light loses its way.
In a darker room the mind trips over light.
Brilliant flashes of turquoise and gold.
Illuminations set in motion mimic stars in flight.

In a darker room a word Pirouettes.
It leads to another as they flow in rhyme.
Ballet of meaning, of purpose, of life
Gathering a story that spins back through time.

In a darker room a mind rambles on.
Wandering and veering in step with the dance.
Flashes of light, flickers of fate.
Storied words that give darkness a chance.

In a darker room a door opens wide.
Timid heart roars with a passionate beat.
A picturesque view through the mind’s looking glass.
A story revealed as the words take their seat.


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