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02 17 17 Anybody Know Why? February 17, 2017

I still like to write, but I ain’t writ much since Christmas. Anybody know why?

I started another semester of school four weeks ago. I didn’t get too excited about it. I usually do. Anybody know why?

I found a chocolate bar in the fridge that I didn’t know was there. This would usually cause me to smile and go, Ooooooo. I didn’t do either of those two things. Anybody know why?

I got one of my favorite sandwiches from Subway this afternoon, which usually tastes really, really good. Today it tasted like rubber chicken. Anybody know why?

If it sounds like I’m a little down, a little depressed, a little sad, a little off track, a little befuddled, a little flustered, a little blue or a little bayou then perhaps I am.

Anybody know why?

I know one thing, and that’s that I have seen my shovel in my hands more times this past week than I can remember for a long, long time. I’m glad I had a shovel to put in my hands, but to tell you the truth; I would have preferred to see it in someone else’s hands.

Do I sound a little agitated, a little frustrated, a little pissed off, a little perplexed? I know one thing. My mind is in a frozen state of white out, and I think I need me some more cow bell.

Anyone know why?

The dryer just made a ding noise, which means that the load of wet laundry is probably all dry, which means that I should open the door of the dryer, put the clothes in a basket, take it out and put it on the kitchen table and put the clothes away.

This is not causing me to feel overly joyous or incredibly uplifted.

Anybody know why?


14 Responses to “02 17 17 Anybody Know Why?”

  1. I think you’ve got a case of winter blues, you need somebody to pipe in some sunshine.

  2. I know why. You’re getting tired of winter. Me, too, but spring won’t be long in coming.

  3. alice13zoe Says:

    Hello, Deon–I was waiting for an uplifting story about the chickadees! Please write that story, and I think you will feel a bit lighter and happier.

    Should I tell you that Milwaukee set an unbelievable record high today of 61 degrees? The previous record was 55. Thank you for taking all the snow clouds to the Northeast and away from Wisconsin!

    Sending you good cheer and awaiting the chickadee story–Alice and Willow

  4. Says:

    Oh Deon, So good to hear from you as I was about to write as worried I had been dropped from your list. This is Christmas in February and Good Golly Miss Molly we need it with Ole Man Winter so busy with the snow stuff this year!

    I always say this one is the best on the one most recently received. Your phrase at the end of each thought so captures the feelings and captures the discouragement and actual depression that pushes away some of our daily most simple treasures and pleasures.

    Now I have a mantra when it all rolls over me and can just ask, “Anybody Know Why?”

    Send this one to the New Yorker magazine, Deon. It is a keeper for each and everyone of us.

    Too, take care as we seem to be digging out in more ways than one.

    Best Always, Carolyn

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    • DP Lyons Says:

      Thanks Carolyn. As you can see from some of the comments I received, this post really stirred some emotions for a few of my readers. I am thankful for the time spent by you all to send me positive gestures, and I’m glad that you were able to catch the true meaning of the post.
      I’m hoping you’re in the middle of an amazing day.

  5. Scott Lyons Says:


  6. PJ Lumb Says:

    Cabin fever is my best guess!!! Xoxo

  7. Sue McKendry Says:

    DP–glad to see the post as I also was worried. If I had your talent, I could have written this as it reflects my feelings exactly. A disappointing Christmas due to weather prohibiting some family members from taking part in our annual sing-a-long and the death of a beloved pet, not to mention ice everywhere which caused several falls and trips to the chiropractor–yuck! So hubby and I headed to SC where my sister lives, just as it became unseasonably warm here! Go figure–Anyway my depression has lifted as I hope yours will too–Sue

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Hey Sue. Sorry to hear about the falls on the ice. Hopefully you’re on a quick mend. Ouch. Yes, the weather does snap back and forth pretty quick, most of the time when we least expect it.
      Hope the rest of the way for your winter is safe and warm, and thanks very much for the note. If it wasn’t for school, I wouldn’t be doing much writing at all these past couple months.
      Take care and be well.

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