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2016 12 22 Christmas Story: From the Top of the World! December 22, 2016

From the Top of the World!

The westward winds had held their calming voice all through the night. The forecast predictions put into motion by the one who knows the weather had come true once again. The night’s path had greeted them all with a friendly helping of updrafts and star filled skies to guide the wind dancers across a dream filled night.

The annual quest had begun oh so many hours ago, but an endless collection from a timeless night found a way to keep pace and ride along side, as the ancient chore came to pass.

Set in motion, the collection of brave dancers rode along side the smiling face of a circled moon until the eastern skies became a portrait of lavender and blue, high above the earth’s morning mist.

With a bellowing call, and a crack from an ancient whip high atop the seasoned night, the skilled team banked effortlessly to the left. Chasing after the stubborn stars to the west, they rode high along the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The bearded one looked to his right towards the north, as the lights of the night gave way to an early Christmas morning, filled with all the magic of a Christmas past.

As a rosy cheeked smile swept across his face, the red suited one stood up, cracked his whip again high into the sky, and with an unmistakable, joyous laugh, proudly looked out over his pulling team. “Ok boys, what say you take us on home!”

The tireless flyers looked towards each other and again, slowly banked to the right, and towards their northern home.

The bearded one, still wearing an unbreakable smile, snapped the reins in his mitted hands, and shouted out, “That’s the way we do it boys! That’s the way!”

Leaving behind a trail of frozen, drifting dust, the ancient sleigh soared across the English Channel, and towards a Christmas Town filled with the faces of waiting anticipation.

With the task of the night falling quickly behind them, 32 devoted hooves dug into the chilly winds of dawn and continued to pull the trailing sleigh back towards the northern pole, nestled deep inside the frozen Arctic skies. As the roof tops of Christmas Town grew closer, the excited team of sky dancers began to loosen their grip on the magical night. From the jingling bells of the ancient sleigh, to the bells high atop the tower of Christmas Town, the song sang out into the Arctic morning for all the world to hear. A quest had been started oh so long ago, and as the rider and team circled their northern home one last time, a collection of proud and smiling faces began to fill the streets near the center of the spirited town.

Standing with a gifted smile, the red suited rider again cracked his whip and shouted out, “Ok boys, let’s bring it on home!”

With a crafted touch, the bearded one slowly pulled back on the reins as the team softly set down along a parting sea of smiling cheers. As the team of eight reindeer slowed and stopped, the red suited pilot of the night carefully folded the reins and set them down along the front of the sleigh.

Overcome with emotion, he removed his worn leather mittens and set them on the seat beside him. As he looked left, then right, his gaze traveled out over the enormous crowd of gathered cheers. Cupping his face in his hands, he wiped away the winds of the night from his beaming hazel eyes.

As the crowd cheered on, the ancient one stood up, removed his weathered red stocking hat, sat it down beside his mitts and reached both hands high into the night. The crowd collectively began to hush as Santa lowered his arms, and spoke.

“Craftsmen of the North! Ancient spirits from this magical place! As a proud and humbled deliverer of your ageless gift, I stand before you once again and sing out, Christmas Day is here!”

A heart stopping roar from the crowd rang high across the Arctic morning, and as the thousands of elfin hats were thrown high into the winter morning, Santa smiled again and slowly started down from the sleigh.

Several of the elves hurried over to help him onto the snow covered street of Christmas Town, and as the collected cheer slowly subsided, Santa began to walk up along side the reindeer team. One by one, he wrapped his arm around the neck and heads of the night dancers, and whispered into their ears. Each time he did this, the reindeer seemed to respond with a morning call of praise for the leader of their team. He worked down the line of reindeer until the slivers of sunlight broke through the Christmas morning with a glow all its own.

As Santa made his way to the left, and away from his team, several elves began to lead the team of reindeer to the right, and into a large stabled building adorned with Christmas decorations, and a hand carved entrance sign that read, “From the Top of the World!”

Climbing a snow covered set of stairs, the bearded one stopped at the top of the steps, turned around and shouted out, “Merry Christmas to one and all!”

Another roar flew into the morning, and again, the bells from high atop the tower began to ring out their Christmas song.


2 Responses to “2016 12 22 Christmas Story: From the Top of the World!”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–What a magnificent piece of delightful description which attains the reindeer’s rush of swift and magical movements! Masterfully created! Congratulations! This piece of writing is a superb gift to your blog readers.

    With thanks and jolly wishes, Alice and Willow

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Thanks Alice. The chalkboard on the wall behind Benny reads, “Two Days Until Christmas:
      The magic is coming, and I hope that all of the magic you can handle is heading your way.
      Treats for Willow girl.

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