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2016 12 21 Christmas Interview – Then and Now December 21, 2016

Good evening America, and welcome to this week’s edition of “Then and Now”. I am your host, Holly Snow, and I’m pleased to have you join me tonight, as we take a long overdue look at a man, a very special man, who just might be the most talked about individual on the face of this big, blue marble that we call home…

Before we get started with tonight’s show though, I’d like to extend an extra thanks to one of our amazing Executive Producers, Angel Garland. Without her insight and commitment to her professional craft, tonight’s episode would not be possible.

And now, on with the show.

Tonight it’s my extreme pleasure to bring to you a star among stars, a giver of gifts extraordinaire, a seasonal cup of just enough spice to quench even the biggest thirsts from around the world.

Our center stage guest of honor has been known to go by many names, has been told about in many stories and has found a way to spread a smile to those both young and old, from around the world.

As I said, this amazing guest goes by many names, but perhaps the most famous name that he goes by, in our country, has inspired the countless stories, movies and songs over these past 100 years.

It’s my honor to introduce to you, our very special guest, Santa Claus.

“Why thank you Holly. It’s an honor to be with you.”

Oh my my my, Mr. Claus. The pleasure is indeed all mine. Can I ask you sir if you mind me calling you, Santa?

“Oh heavens no-ho-ho-ho! After all, it is my name, right?”

Why yes it surely is Santa. I must tell you, I’m having a hard time believing that I’m actually sitting here, talking to, you! This, for me, is a dream come true sir.

“Please Holly, call me Santa.”

You’ve got it sir, um, I mean, Santa. Sorry about that.

“Oh don’t you worry a bit now sweetie. I’ll make sure that the boys back at the shop don’t bump you off the, good list. Ho-ho-ho.”

Why thank you Santa. You know, I have a thousand and one questions I’d like to ask you, but my producer is already asking me to possibly move along with the interview, so I guess I’ll work from a list that we had drawn up from the wishes of our own production team.

“Well I guess if you can’t help those that are always helping you, it just doesn’t seem to have that same holiday spirit. Know what I mean Holly?”

Oh Santa, you’re so right. For sure I’d be lost like a pointy eared dentist in a snow bank without the continued support of our amazing crew. From the look on the faces of those in the studio, you are one very popular person. I mean, I’ve never seen Studio 2B so packed before.

“Well, judging from the smiles on the faces, this is one very big, very happy family you have here. I am impressed and honored that you have asked me to join you here tonight.”

Well Santa, it is we who are humbled and honored with your presence here, and with the hand signals I’m getting from my producers, we better get moving on.

“Great! Let’s go kiddo. Ho-ho-ho!:

Ok then Santa. The first question comes from our long time camera man, Donner Seasons. He would like to know, as I’m sure we all would, what is your favorite day of the year?

“Oh my, oh my, ho-ho-ho. You know, I’m fairly sure that I know what a lot of you are thinking right now. I bet a lot of your viewers are shouting at their TV screens, Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve!”

Oh I’m sure you’re right Santa. I mean after all, you are Father Christmas, right?

“Right you are Holly Dear, but surprisingly enough, my favorite day of the year happens to be May 12th.”

Um, May 12th? Ok, we all are wondering why you picked that date sir. I’m sure that a lot of our viewers are scratching their heads, trying to figure this one out.

“Ho-ho-ho. Yes, I imagine so. Truth is, I have many favorite days of the year, but May 12th stands out the most because it’s the day that I met the most beautiful pair of eyes in the world. May 12th is the day I met Mrs. Clause, my special Mama, and after catching a glimpse of those eyes staring straight at me oh so many, many years ago, , well, I’m not sure if everyone believes in love at first sight, but ho-ho-ho oh how it grabbed me like a bag full of wrapped presents.”

“Oh Santa, that’s just such a wonderfully touching story. Tell me though, did Mrs. Claus fall for you in the same fashion as you fell for her?

“Ho-ho-ho! Well I’m sure if you ask her, she might tell you something different, but, one look at that smile of hers, and I knew she felt the same as I did. I mean, how could anyone resist the twinkle in these hazel eyes of mine.”

Ha-ha-ha! I have to tell you Santa, you’re right. There’s just something about those eyes of yours that would melt the heart of the little child inside all of us.

“Oh Holly, that’s mighty sweet of you to say. Ho-ho-ho. I think I’m feeling a little embarrassed. My cheeks must be turning red.”

Why yes they are Santa. Yes, they are the most wonderful shade of red.

“Ho-ho-ho. Up at the North Pole, we call that Rudolph Red.”

Oh that’s precious Santa, absolutely precious. Ok then. Before I get completely spun around with the task at hand, I guess we should move on to question number 2.

“That sounds good Holly. Fire away sweetie.”

This question is from our sound engineer, Mr. Frosty Pane. Dear Santa, if you could receive any gift in the world, what would it be?

Oh ho-ho-ho. Now that’s a question that I haven’t been asked in a whole lotta Christmas Eves.”

Yes Santa. It sure is a good question. One that I’m sure a lot of our audience is wondering as well.

Well Holly, I have to admit that after watching the elves up North, year after year, and being able to see some of the amazing inventions and technological gadgets that they keep coming up with, there still is one particular gift that finds a way to the top of my list, each and every year.”

Santa, I have to tell you, I’m sitting on pins and needles with anticipation of your answer.

“Ho-ho-ho. I bet you are sweetie, I bet you are… You know Holly, as many faces filled with smiles as I get to see each and every year, I’m reminded again and again of just how strong the magic of the season is. Christmas begins in the heart, in the soul, and from there, amazing things begin to happen to those who believe in that magic, in me. All around the world the comfort and joy that Christmas finds a way to bring, well, nothing much can compare. Nothing much, that is, except for one special gift that I can think of, a very special gift that I have the pleasure of receiving each and every year.”

Ok Santa. You have completely grabbed my curiosity. I believe I am joined by all of our viewers when I ask you, Santa, what this gift might be.

“Oh Holly, so many things have graced this old spirit. So many moments of memories, so many baskets full of the simplest things that blend together to make the wonder and imagination come to life. Still though, the most wonderful gift I have ever received is the same gift that I wish to get each and every Christmas. This gift is the wonderment of the night, of Christmas, of a heart full of love being given the same gift that I crave, that I work for, that I have come to know and love with all my heart.

When my gift of flight on Christmas Eve has come to an end, and I am returning to my home up north, I circle around Christmas Town one last time before my team glides into the center of town to touch down. When the sleigh has stopped and I fold my reigns over the front of the sleigh, I take a moment to look around me at the faces surrounding me. I tell you Holly, the sight, well, it takes my breath away each year. The most wonderful gift is seeing the joyful thanks, the proud smiles, the absolute feeling of love from all of the elves, to me, for me, because of the chore that I had the honor to complete. I can’t really put into words how this gift fills my heart, but when I say that the magical feeling is complete, let it be known to hold the truth of Christmas.”

Oh Santa. I am speechless. Completely speechless.

“Ho-ho-ho. I know how you feel my dear. Each and every Christmas, I know exactly how you feel.”

Santa. Dear, dear Santa, I have so much more that I, that we would like to ask you. Are you up for more Dear Santa?

“Oh yes Holly. This is another one of those nights that I hope never ends. Ho-ho-ho.”

As do I Santa. As do I. We’ve got a few more questions to ask our most special guest America. Don’t you go anywhere, as we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors. I’m Holly Snow, and you’re watching Then and Now.


3 Responses to “2016 12 21 Christmas Interview – Then and Now”

  1. I’d love to see more of this interview. This is awesome!

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