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2016 12 20 Poem: There It Is December 20, 2016

As the season of Christmas settles in, one of the most powerful emotions for me tends to also settle in. This emotion is simply pure, and yet it holds the most powerful ingredient of all. I think you all are aware of what I’m talking about, and I hope and wish that you get a good taste of it each and every year. It’s the ingredients of Christmas and family. I suppose you could say that these are two separate ingredients, but put one on top of the other, or if you prefer, side to side, and what happens is hopefully also pure and simply one of the most amazing things you will ever feel. Love.

I have been blessed with a family that has settled in to keep me company through my life. Although some years it seems as though I might have taken them for granted, I will never ever be able to find anything that comes close to their importance to me, my life, my reason for being.

One of the most important single ingredients of my family passed on last year. The rock of my life, my father, moved ahead to the next phase of his journey. The first thing I felt after he passed was sorrow, of course, but then I felt a little twinge of envy. I felt envious of the journey that he had embarked on. My intrigue helped to pick my spirits back up again, and to this day I still wonder what visions awaited him.

I believe in God and the heavens. I believe in the importance that our parents play in our lives. I believe that my father was the strongest person I have ever met. I believe that this Christmas I feel him as strongly as I ever have. I am fortunate to have had his influence in my life, and for that, I am blessed.

The following poem is dedicated to my father, Kenneth Wayne Lyons. I believe that one day we will meet again, and one day I will again be able to look into those eyes of blue.

I would also like to wish you all the best this holiday season. May your spirited souls be illuminated with the lights of a thousand Christmas trees, and may you all find happiness, joy and love throughout 2017.



There It Is

Flipping the pages, the years roll back
Remember the sounds, the smells, the visions of the past
Hardly a day seems to have gone by
Hardly a memory seems out of place

Laughter from years passed fills the room
A smile, a hug, a wink of an eye
Friendly faces rush in to welcome me home
Chairs fill fast as the season settles in

I quickly glance around the room
I search out that comforting smile
I wish to gaze into those eyes of blue
There it is, that smile, oh that unforgettable smile

Memorable Christmas moments sing out through the night
Imaginations of a child can’t help but come true
A house, a family, a dream fulfilled
A lifetime of magic, hand delivered by you

Oh how lucky can a little boy be
Not a day goes by that the little boy doesn’t remember
Not a season goes by when the grown boy doesn’t think of you
Oh how fortunate to be that little boy

I miss you Dad
Merry Christmas

In loving memory
Kenneth Wayne Lyons
November 7, 1934 – October 3, 2015


4 Responses to “2016 12 20 Poem: There It Is”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–What a beautiful and heart-warming tribute to your father and your family! Thank you for sharing your precious sense of the importance of family–no greater gift at Christmastime.

    Christmas blessings to you and yours–Alice and Willow

  2. PJ Lumb Says:

    Now you’ve gone and done it, and I’m crying, again! These short stories can’t help but take heart and mind along for the wonderful, imaginative ride. So creative and beautifully written, Deon! In the poem dedicated to Dad, you captured his essence of strength, the deep love for his family, his energy…all of it. Thanks for using your gift, your voice, to express some of what we all feel and deeply miss. Here’s to you, Dad. Forever in our hearts.

  3. Sue McKendry Says:

    So right about family being the most important part of Christmas for so many of us–And to all of us who had wonderful but human fathers, thanks for this beautiful poem.

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