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2016 12 14 Christmas Poem: Two Steps Back December 14, 2016

Two Steps Back

He stands as still as a nutcracker soldier
Arms at his side, his eyes move up, and down, and up again
His attention focuses in on the detailed brilliance
Way down deep in his footy pajamas, his toes start to dance

Taking two steps back, he regains his soldier’s stance
With a wandering gaze, his eyes grow wide
He starts to reach out, then quickly pulls his hands back
The mesmerizing brilliance is reflected in his curious hazel eyes

An ornamental story unfolds before him
Hand crafted whispers cast down their spell of seasonal magic
Nestling in deep, the colored lights illuminate his inquisitive soul
The gaze of the brave young soldier starts to move up and down again

Closing his eyes, he inhales the holiday scent
With careful precision, he slowly reaches out
Holding his breath, he gently caresses a mirrored orb
With a rush of emotion, his hand slides back down to his side

Again, his eyes dart back and forth
He breathes in deep
Slowly stepping back, he stares up at the lighted star
Breaking out in his patented smile, he turns and dashes out of the room

With a dazzling brilliance all its own, the Christmas tree smiles back


3 Responses to “2016 12 14 Christmas Poem: Two Steps Back”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–‘Tis the season for your magical Christmas poetry! What a descriptive story you were able to wonderfully weave into relatively few lines of verse! Finding an innovative slant for a holiday poem is a challenge, but you definitely surpassed this challenge.

    Thanks for the poetry–Alice

  2. This poem begins my day. It is the first thing I read upon getting up this morning. It is a lovely poem and yes, it is a difficult challenge to write something new or different for this holiday. I agree with Alice – you scored again!

    You have a sort-of-magic inside of you that comes forth in your poetry. May your Christmas be the best one ever! Lynda

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