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2016 09 05 My Partner in Rhyme September 5, 2016

My Partner in Rhyme

September has come and summer is still hanging on. The nights are getting a little cooler, and the humidity seems to have dropped these past few days. I haven’t felt that surge of autumn fill my senses yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long now.

Last month I had another opportunity to fill my senses with another form of inspiration. I had the opportunity to join pens with a wonderful writer from just west of the Great Lakes. This Wisconsin writer has been a huge source of inspiration for me, as well as many other writers of a writing group that I belong to.

You can find some amazing works of writing skills at our group’s web address.

http://www.magnets and

This collection of writers is comprised of a host of talent from sea to shining sea, and I am very fortunate for having crossed paths with them all.

Ok, I got off track. What I was originally talking about was my collaborative partner who I joined with last month to write a poem. This is our second poem we have written together, and like the experience of our first collaborative poem last summer, this poem was another milestone in my short writing career.

Our first collaboration, entitled “My Partner in Rhyme”, can also be found at the Magnets and Ladders link listed earlier in this post.

My partner’s name is Alice Massa, and she has shown me more about writing these past few years than I ever imagined.

I thank you Alice for the experience, for your friendship, Inspiration, guidance and for the unique lessons of life that you hand down without even knowing.

I’d also like to thank you all for stopping by, and I hope your summer supplied you with some spectacular memories.

Oh ya, I almost forgot! The poem! Grin

The poem is born from a discussion that Alice and I were having about rainbows. I had told her how as a gardener, while watering I used to occasionally spray the hose away from the late afternoon sun to form a rainbow. Before I knew it, Alice and I had a five stanza writing piece staring back at us. Her ability to jump on a creative opportunity amazes me, and I am grateful for the experience. The poem is styled in a unique format. It is constructed of a style that resembles how limericks are designed, five lines per stanza, with the first and fifth rhyming. It is also built on five stanzas, which is something that Alice and I agreed on. Alice has also posted this poem, along with a collection of wonderful personal essays, on her amazing blog site, which you can find at the following address:

Thank you Alice for helping me become a better writer, and for being my Partner in Rhyme.

I would like to dedicate this poem to my son Matt, and his son, my grandson Jack. You two guys continue to put the hop in my step.

And away we go!


Rainbows Rising
by Alice Jane-Marie Massa and Deon Patrick Lyons

Little child, little child, do you want to make a rainbow?
Do you want to know how?
Just wait for a sunny day;
then, with your back toward the sun,
let the water from the hose arc into a powerful flow.

Little child, little child, let the wonder begin.
Red, orange and yellow, stretching awake inside an Autumn morn.
Green and blue, splashing atop an ocean so deep.
Indigo and violet, snuggling down into a bed of iris.
Replace those aimless frowns with colorful grins.

Can your tiny hand touch the rainbow?
Which color can you hold?
Can you feel the mist of wonder
where sunlight breaks through a raindrop?
Can you wave toward the arc of indigo?

Open your eyes to an Irish tale.
Gaze out across a clovered field.
Stand on your toes and stretch towards the clouds.
Fill your pockets with a fistful of magic.
Chart a course as your rainbow sets sail.

Little child, little child, why are you standing there akimbo?
Ah, you look just like your grandpa,
glistening like his shining star;
but your glance is so afar. Naptime!
Little child, little child, sleep well and dream a rainbow.


2 Responses to “2016 09 05 My Partner in Rhyme”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Hello, Deon–Once again, your words are too generous and kind in the compliment department. I think poetry collaborations are rare; but somehow, our writing styles, ideas, and imagination have melded together–just like the various colors that form a rainbow. I was pleased to read that you dedicated the poem to your son and grandson. Only one correction: you switched the byline order! Your name–as the author of SULLY STREET and READY, SET, POETRY–really should be first in our byline.

    Looking forward to our next poem–Alice (and Leader Dog Willow)

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Thanks Alice. I had a great experience once again collaborating with you, and yes, the melting pot of pens worked so well across the miles.
      Your name, your experience, your talented wake of words will always come first though, so there. grin
      Treats for the wonderful Willow girl, and thank you so very much for this never ending rainbow.

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