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2016 08 28 Old Friends August 28, 2016

Old friends.

Just the sound of it starts your mind wandering. Just the mention of it grabs hold of you and pulls you back through time, to a place that will always exist, a place that will always lend an emotion or two, a place that truly belongs to you, and no one else.

Hearing things, seeing things and remembering certain things can take you back to a place that’s full of magic, but it can sometimes take you to a place that’s not very friendly. I myself would rather go back to those memories that bring a smile to my face.

Being able to talk to friends from your earlier days is such a gift. School days are a great source for reminiscing, and the summer? Oh my, how the recollections start to spin around with just the mention of the unforgettable summer seasons. Some of my fondest thoughts can be found along a summer breeze. It doesn’t really seem like that long ago, but oh how the time flies when it’s surrounded with one thing after another that keeps your mind working inside out with recalling and going over again and again those special moments that build your factory full of experiences.

I had a dream a year or so ago about working in a warehouse when I was in my late teen, early adult years. Of course, it was a warehouse full of tires, as I worked shipping and receiving for a decade before moving up to a regional sales rep.

Anyway, there I was, roaming in and out through the aisles of packed and stacked pneumatics when all of a sudden, the aisle was full of school aged kids who were sitting and standing. While walking down through the aisle, I noticed a girl sitting on the floor, and she was staring up at me. I instantly realized who she was, and was totally floored with emotions. Her name is, or was Wanda Eldridge, and I hadn’t seen or thought of her since my own 14 year old days in New Hampshire.

She looked exactly as I remembered. Her eyes, her skin tone, her hair, her smile, everything! It was incredible! She was the girlfriend of my best friend Jeff, and like I said, I hadn’t thought of her since those days of Hood Junior High in Derry.

I woke up from that dream with her face burned in my mind. I never was ever attracted to her. I never really knew her too well, other than talking to her a few times when she was with Jeff, but for some reason, there she was, and I couldn’t get her face out of my mind for the next day or two.

Our minds have cleverly carved out their nooks and crannies and stored away file after file of our experiences, and this particular one, this dream that pulled up something, someone I hadn’t thought of for over forty years was just another example of how some of our old friends, some of our old acquaintances can firmly take their place in our memories, for all eternity, or so it seems.

Where the hell am I going with this post? I’m afraid I don’t really know how to answer that question, other than to try and show you how amazing friends are. Their impact, their ingredients of character, their ability to grab a place marker and firmly take their position in our lives. Between family and friends, it’s fairly plain to see that our ability to cherish those things that are important to us is one of the true gifts that we should never overlook.

Now then, let’s see who we can remember tonight.

Have a great evening, and even though you might not try to reflect on your past too often, have faith that your mind will always be able to do the work for you, without you even knowing it.



One Response to “2016 08 28 Old Friends”

  1. Scott W Lyons Says:

    This happens to me bro. I actually look forward to it when I dream. Love you man! Happy Birthday Yonk!

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