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2016 04 26 Poetry: Always and Forever April 26, 2016

I’ve often wondered where it comes from. I’ve often thought about how to use it. From my earliest recollections, there has been a force in my life that has had a hand in what I did, how I did it, and where I thought of taking all of the things in my life that mattered to me.

Life has a way of supplying us with not necessarily what we want, but what we need. Sometimes what we need is the furthest thing from what we want, and well, you know how relentless the human psyche can be at times.

If you ever wonder how you made it through a difficult time, or managed to complete a seemingly insurmountable task, there’s probably one thing, and one thing alone that’s responsible.

Today is April 26, and below you will find poem number 26 of this, the National Poetry Month. Thanks again for dropping by my blog.

Now then, carry on.

You might be amazed with what transpires.



Always and Forever
A poem by DP Lyons

Constantly changing.
Never dull.
Element of surprise.
Absolutely priceless.
Amazingly free.
Never questioned.
Often overlooked.
Hardly obsolete.
Sometimes alone.
Sometimes in good company.
Always useful.
Sadly discarded.
Hopefully never misused.
Never misguiding.
Never bartered.
Selectively absorbed.
Often loved.
Often utilized.
Often talked about.
Hardly ever offered.
Unknowingly maintained.
Hopefully trusted.
Always original.
Never selfish.
Never shameful.
Never hurtful.
Sometimes brave.
Sometimes courageous.
Sometimes dignified.
Sometimes determined.
Sometimes mine.
Sometimes yours.
Sometimes theirs.
Sometimes ours.

Always and forever,


2 Responses to “2016 04 26 Poetry: Always and Forever”

  1. Rolfe A. Frost Says:

    Sometimes good,Sometimes Awesome,Always interesting,Sometimes Fun,Always thought Provoking.

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