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2016 04 12 Poetry: Wonder April 12, 2016

Oh my! April 12 already! I wonder how the time goes by so fast!

It seems like I’m always thinking about this, or pondering about that. Fact is, this soggy mush melon of mine hardly ever stops thinking, although sometimes it doesn’t seem like much. Dwelling upon this, figuring out that, contemplating on something that has no bearings on anything at all, it’s all just so, um, wonderful!

I think about my childhood, then I think about my old friends, then I think about what I like to eat, or watch, or play, or listen to, or eat.

Did I already say eat? I thought so. Sorry about that. Infatuation gets the best of us all at times, right?

Ok then. I think I thought a thing or two, but then again, I hardly ever think at all.

Not really. Fact is, once again, there’s hardly a moment that goes by where I’m not hand cranking the gears upstairs.

What happens if I ever run out of things to think about? Do I start over? Do I ask for my money back? Do I need to reboot or something?


And here it is, April 12th, and here you go, my 12th poem of the month.

Tired of me yet? Really? You mean I can submit 18 more after today? Really?

Far out, I mean, cool, I mean, like frigging awesome dude!

Thanks for putting up with the ranting scripture of a goat on a writing roll. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thanks for not ever stopping while you think. After all, you might end up hurting yourself.

Be well, and once again, here we go!



A poem by DP Lyons

A jet plane just flew over head
I wonder where it’s going
I wonder where it’s been
I wonder how fast it’s flying
I wonder if anyone on board was looking down at me
I wonder

A cardinal just raced across the back yard
I wonder where he’s going
I wonder if he might be as red as I remember red to be
I wonder if he might be a she
I wonder

I was thinking about an old school friend
I wonder what he’s up to
I wonder what he looks like today
I wonder if he’s married with kids
I wonder if he ever thinks about the good old days
I wonder

I’ve always been fascinated with the earth
I wonder how all the stars came to be
I wonder if we’re all alone
I wonder how we all ended up here
I wonder if anyone will ever find us
I wonder

I’ve always loved to write
I wonder what I should write about
I wonder what all of my writings mean
I wonder if I’ll ever stop writing
I wonder why I love to write
I wonder

I think about who I am
I wonder how my life came to be
I wonder where the time went
I wonder what it’ll be like twenty years from now
I wonder if in twenty years I will remember writing this poem
I wonder


2 Responses to “2016 04 12 Poetry: Wonder”

  1. carollyons Says:

    Now this is my speed ….ha I love flowing simplistic ditties, get my thought juices flowing and my brain wondering!! I think this was meant for me..I wonder..CJL.

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