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2016 04 10 Poetry: Empty Bucket April 10, 2016

And so it goes, on this, the 10th day of April, 2016.

I am blind, as a lot of you know. I have been through some difficult days, weeks, months, and yes, years. I have seen, and then, I have seen nothing. I have tried not to ask for pity, although the pity lies inside of me, and me alone. It’s a strange feeling to lose something you take for granted. I suppose that through my years, I failed to appreciate the many gifts of my life, body and soul, and when the vision fell slowly away, what I was left with was faith and love.

This poem below is one I just wrote. I don’t know why I did, but its content is something that will stay with me until my days here are through. I have come far from those first days of blackness, and as I clawed my way back into my life, these feelings will always be welcome, for they are my story, and many chapters have been written since.

Blindness affects so many of us, and each of our stories is unique. I have found so much without the use of my eyes, and I continue to believe that with a little work and a lot of effort, there are many gifts that still await me.

It’s up to me, and although there are many days where I have to dig deep to find the energy, the energy still waits for me.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for inspiring the hell out of a goat, on a ridge, on a big beautiful blue marble that I am glad to call home.

God bless and keep well.



Empty Bucket
A Poem by DP Lyons

Kidnapped by the keeper of a blackened hell
Gut wrenching spiral down, down, down
Shades of yesterday’s light, lost forever
Bartering with a devil doesn’t seem out of place

Out of reach
Out of sight
Out of time
Out of control

Unwanted cane screams out with haunting tone
Unprepared passions lie empty inside a hollowed heart
Unchallenged torment lays claim to a wilting rose
Unimaginable burden bears down with fueled rage

Weathered woe casts aside yesterday’s dream
Body blows pummel the innocence within
Hopeless fate rains down on a barren land
The bucket from the well rises empty, again

Fear from helplessness
Anger from Hopelessness
Pity from untruths
Pain from never ending doubt

Starless night
Sunless dawn
Disappearing smile
Fading passions of a gazing child

Blindness begins


2 Responses to “2016 04 10 Poetry: Empty Bucket”

  1. PJ Says:

    Words can’t express my response because it’s more visceral–of the body, felt deeply. I believe this means that your poem struck deep into the core of my being. Thanks for your raw honesty of emotion, Deon. And now we know you even more. Thanks for this gift. You are loved!

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