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2016 04 07 Poetry: Those Eyes April 7, 2016

Evening out there.

April 7 is winding down, and as the warm southern wind outside blows hard, the spring thaw looks like it is here to stay.

Below you will find my seventh poem of the month. This is a poem about undeniable love of soul, and the convictions of the heart. It’s about looking into the most beautiful blue eyes that ever could be. It’s about feeling safe in a place that a soul was destined to be in. It’s about time we get on with it, what say?

Thank you for being who you are, and thank you forloving with affection the way that only you can do.

Take care, and have a great night.



Those Eyes
A poem by DP Lyons

Come at me with those eyes of pure blue.
Those eyes with a thousand stories.
Those eyes with a million answers to a million questions.
Those eyes that heal my wounds.
Those eyes that look into my past and help me recall all that is good.

Come at me with that radiant smile.
That smile that brightens a thousand cloudy days.
That smile that quickly lifts me up and carries me away.
That smile that captures my heart and caresses my soul.
That smile I see when all else fades away.

Come at me with your gentle touch.
That touch that melts the heart of the shy, little boy inside.
That touch that guides me home.
That touch that warms the chambers of my beating heart.
That touch that reminds me how safe you make me feel.

Come at me and whisper in my ear.
Tell me that everything’s going to be alright.
Tell me I will never be alone.
Tell me that you know of my love.
Tell me that we will walk together into tomorrow.
Tell the boy inside that he is the man you fell in love with.

Look at me and help me see what’s real.
Smile at me and help me laugh out loud.
Touch me and help me feel your love.
Speak to me and help me tell the world that I love you.


One Response to “2016 04 07 Poetry: Those Eyes”

  1. carol lyons Says:

    it is lovely, moving and kind and full of hope…cj

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