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2016 04 01 Poetry: Unrehearsed April 1, 2016

And so, once again, it’s April 1, and once again, it’s National Poetry Month.

Last year, I posted a poem a day for the whole month of April, and here I go again. I love to write poetry, and although I have found it harder to write this past year, I will make my effort to once again post a poem a day to this, my blog. As I said, I love to write poetry, and as the words form their music across the page, a different side of me rises up from a hidden place, a secret place, a warming, cozy place, and as I write, a familiar song continues to play across my heart and soul.

I wish you all the best that April has to offer, and aside from being a day born unto the fools of the world, I hope that each day of this spring month brings you a sense of being, a sense of love, a sense of life that you will never forget.

And here we go with poem number 1.


A Poem by DP Lyons

I find it harder to write what I feel
The words can’t form their text
Emotions rush in and take hold of an innocent gaze
Memories curiously scatter across the floor

A year older, a day wiser, a moment so unsure
Character of doubt drifts across the morning mist
I reach to the left as I lean to the right
I clutch frantically for something I can’t see

One small, cautious step upon the moon
The earth spins far above
I hear the calls from a distant home
Unrehearsed words continue to lose their way

Gather in those emotions which have wandered off
Collect those dreams of a restless night
Cradle those wishes of a mindful past
And yet again, those words fall short of their mark

Continue to live the simple phrase
Faith will take me to the end of the page
Bend back those frightened words
I breathe, I feel, I live, and so, I write


4 Responses to “2016 04 01 Poetry: Unrehearsed”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–Thank you for starting National Poetry Month with such a creative poem. I admire your goal of writing a poem for each day of April, and I will certainly look forward to reading each of the 29 poems to come and celebrate National Poetry Month. Your poem was the one bright spot in my day. Thanks for sharing your writing gift throughout this special month. Best wishes–Alice

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Alice. I would like to dedicate this month’s poetic blitz on my blog to my Partner in Rhyme, for such a fitting partner there never could have been. You have been such a form of inspiration for me these past few years that words could never do my feelings justice.
      May God bless you in your quest, for an amazing one it is.
      Thank you so very, very much, and I await your next entry with relished anticipation. dp

  2. Good April Morning, Deon! I enjoyed reading this today and you reminded me it is National Poetry Month. How could I forget it?
    A poem a day,? What a heroic effort that takes. You are off to a very good start with this one.
    I particularly liked some images and phrases such as, “Memories curiously scatter across the floor,”words fall short of their mark,” and “Faith will take me to the end of the page.” I like the metaphoric use of “words” and the inferences to the passage of (constellated) time and how it created uncertainty and unbalance within you. I look forward to reading all your April poems – an enormous goal. Write on! Lynda

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Lynda, thank you so much for your words. Coming from such an incredible writer, artist as yourself is quite an honor. You just happen to be one of those forms of inspiration that I often write about, and I thank you for it. Best, dp

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