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2016 03 15 Seasons of Change March 15, 2016

Hello Mr. World, and how are ya doing? I see you’re still spinning around the neighborhood, right? I guess some things never change, right?

Some things do stay the same, and some things we take for granted that they will always be as they have always been. It’s a comforting feeling, don’t you think? I mean having everything right where it’s supposed to be, right on time, right in tune with that same old familiar song that’s been playing in your mind for what seems like eternity. It’s all familiar, it’s all predictable and it’s actually never ever gonna happen.

Never gonna happen? Oh what pray tell, Mr. Goat are you talking about?

I’ll tell you what I’m talking about, but first, a word from our sponsors.

Have you ever thought you knew exactly where something was, only to find that you end up spending six and a half minutes looking for the darn thing? Did you snap the television on last night in hopes of watching Blue Bloods latest episode, only to end up looking at eleven people standing on a stage, telling you what’s wrong with our country, and the person standing next to them? Have you ever opened the freezer to have at the little remaining bit of moose tracks ice cream, only to find that your equal, or better half beat you to it? Ever wish that everyone else would just leave well enough alone?

Being a creature of habit, that change has a way of flipping reality on its head, and believe me when I tell you that when this happens, my whole world shifts three inches to the right, and then, I do what I have written about a few times. I absorb, I adapt and then I advance towards the next item of change.

Yes, I get over it, but not without hesitation, and surely not without a heightened level of anxious scrambling to find the best possible route towards and through the item of change. Oh how I’ve had some moments of change these past few years, and oh how my first instincts have left me wondering why I listened to those first impulses of instinct, for often times, it’s usually the second, third or eleventh route of possibility that ends up making the most sense.

Trying times of tumult and chaos for one wandering goat. And always, my cane is at the ready to help guide me, and yes, the elbow of my dear wife has proven to be even more reliable, although she’s a little worried these days that with my shaky balance, I might topple over and end up breaking her elbow, or her shoulder, or her knee, or her ankle, or her neck.

As I am listening to the news on the radio, I’m thrown in with that never ending charade of change. Vote for me and I’ll change everything so it’s all better.

Um, huh?

I’m afraid that kind of change doesn’t ever change anything, and there we went again with the clock changes again last weekend. My wife joked that the clock in the car is right once again, until next fall anyway. “Grin” Why can’t they leave well enough alone, right? Daylight saving? Ok, I mean, we did gain an hour in the evening, but in case you didn’t notice, we lost an hour in the morning, so, like, um, didn’t they cancel each other out? Did I miss something? Do I look confused?

Let me refrain that.

Do I look more confused than I usually do?

There, that’s better.

Change is good, and change can be bad. Change is inevitable, and change is unstoppable.

Ok. Inevitable and unstoppable are sort of the same thing, right? Hello? Webster’s?

I am a creature of habit surrounded by a world of change. I love technological breakthroughs, and I love old fashioned chocolate ice cream. I am riding on a plane of endless existence, and the next stop is the rest of my life.

I hope my bags don’t end up in Sheboygan instead.

Once again, thank you for stopping by, and if you’re that sort of daring individual, why not go grab a bowl full of change. It might just be what you were hoping for, right?


2 Responses to “2016 03 15 Seasons of Change”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Hi, Deon–What a clever examination of change! Like a very good baseball hitter/runner, you touched all bases. Enjoy a double dip of choclate ice cream and then write more! Take care–Alice

  2. carol lyons Says:

    I am right on target about the clock changing…??????????? will never get it. the rest of life changing and flying by me. well i am like a person watching the clouds spin by. it always is ans always will be…..hang in there and watch your step…

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