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2015 10 19 All the Brilliance from All the Stars October 19, 2015

All of the Brilliance from All of the Stars

Part of me feels like its missing. Part of me seems to be misplaced. I know why, but, well, I just don’t know why. Once in a while, I sense that something amazing is coming at me, and for a few seconds I’m overwhelmed by a deep, pulsating surge of energy that causes me to take a deep breath.

I think I know what it is. As a matter of fact, I’m fairly positive I know what it is. It’s strength, courage, kindness, patience, disciplined guidance, unmatched affection and never ending love. It’s a comforting word during a difficult time, an arms folded shit eating grin, a pat on the back followed by a kick in the butt. It’s all the brilliance from all the stars in the universe wrapped in a hug. It’s what I know, what I admire, what I look up to and crave and yearn for and desire. It’s a lasting memory, filled with holiday bows and baseball gloves. It’s a sense of feeling, unmatched by anything under the warming sun. It’s a pick up truck parked under a maple tree.

With so many thoughts and snap shots spinning ‘round my mind, they all reflect back to the images of my past. They all gently remind me of a towering, powerful figure that represented absolute security. They tell a story not unlike so many others, but uniquely my own.

They write in the sky with script from above, and for this, I am blessed.

What I miss, what I lean into, what I listen for are those same strong tones, that same rolling laugh, that comforting voice ringing through our home that used to put me to sleep so many nights.

I am a grateful man, a grateful child, a grateful son.

I miss you Dad, and I thank you.


2 Responses to “2015 10 19 All the Brilliance from All the Stars”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–What a beautiful and touching tribute to your wonderful father! Blessings to you and all of your family–Alice

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