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2015 04 29 Poetry: Guardian of the Tides April 29, 2015

Hello 29th of April, and hello to all of you. My oh my what a wonderful month it has been. Here in Maine, we have seen the winter snows dwindle away, and as the earth warms up and readies itself for spring time’s chore, those pesky bugs are inching closer to the starting blocks. I suppose it’s a give and take relationship that we have with mother nature, and within all her glory, the seasons come strolling by as if its just another year.

As you know, or you’re just finding out, I was born down east. I am permanently a craver of the ocean and all that it has to offer. The magnificence and beauty snaps my head and demands attention, and for the most part, it has all of mine.

One thing that goes hand in hand with the ocean and the amazing coast is the historic lighthouses of the world. Maine has her share of these wonders of imagination, and one in particular is the lighthouse at West Quoddy Head in the town of Lubec. Her Magesty has been standing as long as I have, and every time I have walked up to her and placed my hands on her red and white striped structure, a breath of life flows through me that seems to recharge my soul, until the next time she graces my imagination with her presence.

If you ever get a chance to visit my place of birth, please take time to go and visit her. She has many stories to tell, and her song will remain forever at your side, just as the tides of Quoddy Bay have for a lifetime of lifetimes.

The following poem is dedicated to the lighthouses of the world. Fearlessly standing at their posts as they shine their light into the waves of time.

Take care, and God bless you all.



Guardian of the Tides

Standing so tall, you proudly lean into the banks of another heavy eastern fog
With red and white stripes towering high, you reach up to welcome the first light of day
Through scores of seasons past, you have guarded the shore of the riders of the current
With everlasting faith, they pay mind as they heed your West Quoddy call

Your battered ledges defiantly glisten against the relentless pounding of the tides
Timeless tales across an ageless past lift your name high for all to see
Countless decks of mighty ships bow their heads, sailing past your unwavering post
With polished orbs of mirrored light, you cast out across an unforgiving sea

Brick after brick, day after night, your calming hand has lent comfort to the weary
With reflected gaze, you scan the weathered miles as a new generation sails by
From Campobello, to the cliffs of Grand Manan, your song choruses out across the waves
Your name has been forever carved deeply into the heart of a town called, Lubec


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