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2015 04 20 Poetry: Little Boy April 20, 2015

April 20th is here and so are you! Welcome!

Three weeks are almost done with in this month of April, and May is kneeling down in the starting blocks. The days are growing longer and the nights are getting warmer. The trees are starting their buds in anticipation of the spring explosion of colors.

In case you may not know it, I am a father. I have been since 1982, and in some ways, it seems like only a couple memories ago. He and I have so many things in common, but we have many things about us that are independently different, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

He is his own man, and with his adulthood has come so much maturity that I am left speechless. I still see him in my mind as that little boy of yesterday. I can hear his voice, his laughter, his joy and sorrow, but when he is near me these days, I sense the man that he has become, and I smile deep inside.

He is my son and this is my poem for the 20th of April in honor of National Poetry Month.

He is my son, and for this, I feel complete.

Have a spectacular day.



Little Boy

For the first time, I held you in my arms
A weightless handful of endless joy
My little boy was born
I gazed into your eyes, and saw your future
You gazed into mine and melted my heart
I never thought it would happen to me
I never imagined it would happen to me
I couldn’t believe it had happened to me
A little boy was born
A father was born
A lifetime of learning was born
You have taught me more than I have taught you
Your lessons were unrehearsed
My learning was unexpected
Our relationship was unimaginable
Kindred spirits born from love
The minutes and hours went by too fast
The days, months and years went by too fast
You took your first step
I took my first breath
From one foot six, to six foot one
My little boy had grown
Your eyes are still the same
Your smile is still the same
The man that stands before me
Is still my little boy
On the day you first held your son
My grandson
The experience started anew
I watched you gaze into his eyes
And my heart melted
Once again


One Response to “2015 04 20 Poetry: Little Boy”

  1. carollyons2014 Says:

    oh how very special…..melts my heart..

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