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2015 04 14 Poetry: My Old Friend April 14, 2015

Well we’re nearly half way through the month of April, and to tell you the truth, it seems like last week when the new year started and Old Man Winter came rolling in with a smile as big as Mount Katahdin. Although he’s relaxing on some beach in Daytona, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back next winter with his same old shenanigans. I’ve had so many years getting to know the old doddering popsicle that you could say he is like an old friend.

The following poem I wrote a while back isn’t about Old Man Winter, but it is about those most important memories of our youth, and how they grace us through all our years. Like a dear friend, they settle in and make themselves at home with everything that makes up who we are, how we feel, why we love andhow we select our futures.

Thanks again for visiting
Surviving, and I wish you a lifetime full of those same memories that can’t help but make you smile.



My Old Friend

My, oh my, I can’t believe it’s you!
You’re looking really well.
How on earth have you been, my dear old friend?
Sit down. Let’s chat for a spell.

It doesn’t seem quite possible.
I mean, really, how can it be?
Has the time flown by as quickly for you,
As it seems to have for me?

I remember way back when we were young.
The smiles, the fun, the joy.
The way we ran and jumped and laughed,
As though life was our very own toy.

I remember that brook out behind your house,
Where we caught cray fish and chased all those frogs.
We rode our bikes for hours on end,
Being chased by all of those dogs.

The Cub Scout meetings, the bottle drives,
Playing ball for hours on end.
Hide and seek ’til it was too dark to see.
Having you to call my best friend.

Did it all really happen, or was it a dream?
Was it all just too good to be true?
So much wonderful stuff wrapped around magnificent fun.
There was just always something to do.

I can’t believe that you still look the same.
How on earth have you been, my old friend?
You’re still married, right, with grandkids of your own?
Would you do it all over again?

I hope we see each other again real soon.
I’d like that more than you’d know.
Take care my old friend, tell your wife I said hi.
May you find peace, wherever you go?


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