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2015 04 13 Poetry: Seed of the Night April 13, 2015

Ya ever feel like someone is following you? Someone who wants you for something other than the usual things that people want other people for? I’m talking about those, off the wall, extra special favors that we could offer them without us ever knowing that we might be able to perform such tasks in our short existences here on this big, blue marble we call home?

It might be eerie, it might be spookie, it might be life threatening, life altering or life ending. It may be just what the full moon ordered, and it might be all you ever dreamed of, if all you ever dreamed of was a date with someone, or some thing that either needed a shave badly, or never bothered with taxi cabs at night.

I wrote the following poem as a writers prompt presented to me from a writer friend of mine, whom I learned a great deal from in a very short period of time.

I haven’t done much with this genre of writing, although I did enjoy writing this quite a bit and would love to tangle my keys into it again in the future.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I hope you find your stay enlightening and please, feel free to sign up to follow, leave a comment, both, or none, but either way, please come back when you can and have a very pitch black night.



Seed of the Night

Breathless sky
Heavy moon
Restless shadows
Spiraling doom

Thirst for life
Quenched by death
Unforgiving change
Frantic breath

Hallowed hunt is on
Unsuspecting plea
Legends of truth
Ancient decree

Inconsiderate foe
Irresistible plight
Planting their crop
Seed of the night


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