Feeling the warmth of the sun on a cloudy day. A glimpse into a blind billy goat's unique, ever changing perspectives.

2015 04 09 Poetry: Parallel April 10, 2015

Three times three is nine, and then you have another poem. If you know what I mean, then you’re in the right place and welcome back!

My mind does some pretty sideways things on me sometimes. If I move left, my conceptual tangent flows right. If I’m walking up stairs, my mind is riding down on an escalator. Hither and thither, to and fro, I never know what’s going to crop up next. It”s like a non linear exploration voyage through a linear galaxy, complete with super novas expounding whatever it is that super novas expound.

I feel like a ping pong ball on the Captain Kangaroo show.

And now, I’m back.

I have written a few pieces that bounce around the room, and the ninth of April’s poem could be a perfect example of how my mind runs on a full tank of gas.

I do hope you all are having a great month so far. It is spring, and the next few days here in Maine will hopefully start to bring more signs of the changing of the season, as temps are supposed to get up into the fifties, and possibly the sixties.

Yoo Hoo! Here we go, and thanks again for stopping by Surviving.




Horizontal memories of a vertical dream
Bad advice for a good reason
Queen sized sheets on a king sized bed
A can opener in an empty mayonnaise jar

A cold front moving through a warm day
A Pine cone hanging from an oak tree
Hop scotch chalk on a country dirt road
A flat tire on a brand new bike

Five gallons of gas in a 3 gallon can
Leather boot laces on a Velcro shoe
A cracked windshield on a ten speed bike
A muffin tin in the washing machine

A screen door beside a roll of insulation
Two dog houses facing each other on either side of a fence
A rock pile at center court
Five cats chasing a dog

Bad memories of a wonderful day
Ripped linoleum in a brand new home
An apple tree with Christmas lights
An empty chair in a crowded room

A mud puddle on a freshly tarred road
A broken mail box flag on a deleted email account
Twisting wind chimes on a breathless day
The last eleven pages ripped out of a seven page book

Two people, three dogs, a busted furnace and a canoe
A brand new frying pan with no handle
Tomorrow’s paper full of last week’s coupons
Six coffee mugs full of hot chocolate

Two morning doves in the evening light
A two legged stool leaning against a 3 legged bench
A broken swing on a merry go round
An elm tree growing up through a lilac bush

A TV remote in an upright freezer
An empty ice cube tray in a microwave
Egg shells crushed on the bathroom floor
A yellow blinking light in an empty playground

A crock pot full of chocolate chip cookies
A one way sign on a two way street
An abandoned car in the produce section
A dog eating from a bowl of cat food

A zucchini plant in a pumpkin patch
A substitute teacher on the first day of school
A chickadee looking at a blue jay watching a woodpecker sneaking up on a cat
A box of busted crayons next to a paint brush

A blind billy goat sitting in front of a computer


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