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2015 04 07 Poetry: Stand April 7, 2015

The seventh of April has arrived, and though it’s just another day, it’s also another sunrise and sunset over my home, my country, my land that those before me sacrificed so that I may live and breathe as a free man in a free land.

The older I get, the more I realize how important the founding structure of this land is, and the more I understand why so many from so many different parts of the world have flocked to our shores. I am blessed to be an American, and I thank God that my son, and his son have been born Americans.

I have written a few pieces, with an honest effort to somehow relate to those who read my writings how I feel and how proud I am of those who have worn the colors of America.

I thank you all, for your sacrifice, for your loyalty, for your courage and for your inspiration.



Lace your boots and straighten up.
Look to your left.
Look to your right.
Your brothers are at your side.
Look straight ahead to the horizon.
Steal your inspiration from the dawn.
Stand tall as the sun.
March towards the dreams of tomorrow.
March with an everlasting hope.
March into our destiny.
Look behind you.
The faces line the sunset.
Humbled hearts wave the flag.
Pin the courage to your chest.
Wear the colors with every step.
Learn and live the journey.
Never stray from the task.
Pass the torch of dignity.
Stand guard along our shore.
Stand tall and protect our love of land.
Stand united, together, as one.

01 21 2014


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