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2015 04 05 Poetry:Table Top April 5, 2015

It’s April 5th, and it’s time again for another installment in my “Poem a Day” personal challenge in honor of the National Poetry Month.

I am in awe at the strength I receive from my family. Over the years, especially these past 5 years, the bond between us has done nothing but grow stronger with each passing day, and I am a blessed billy goat to have been afforded such amazing individuals that I can call my family. There is no other feeling of love, there is no other multi-laned resource, there is no other gift under God’s sun that stands the test of time as true blood relations, and there will never be.

This poem I am submitting today was written a year or so ago, and it has delivered great traction with my outlets of writing. Every time I read it, I breathe a sigh of contentment. Every time I stand in the kitchen, I can feel the pure magnetic power from this magnificent work of art. Every time I run my hand across it’s smooth top, I think back through nearly three decades of our home, and I smile.

I welcome you to read it and leave a comment. Critiques are most welcome and appreciated, as they have helped shape and mold me into the writer that I am today, and the writer that I some day hope to be.

Cheers to all of you, and have a wonderful evening.



  Table Top

Still so smooth, so straight, so round

You’ve seen so much, in time

You’ve been a place to play a game,

Or recite a nursery rhyme

With elbows, arms, hands and heads

Resting on your top,

The laughter spills out onto you

And the stories never stop

You helped a child become a man

You watched him through the years

You held his fork, his spoon, his knife

His joys, his smiles, his tears

You’ve held the toys, the games, the crafts

A puzzle here and there

Lego blocks, and Hot Wheel cars

Around a teddy bear

So many times we gathered round

So many times we came

To sit and talk and sing along

To watch the birthday flame

Holiday meals and Christmas cards

A Jack-O-Lantern smile

Science projects, cribbage boards,

And a rubber crocodile

You’ve been there, through all of it

You’ve never seemed to mind

Standing tall, and flat, and shiny smooth

You’re really quite the find

We’ve aged while sitting at your side

We’ve learned, we’ve dreamed, we’ve grown

You’re a part of all that we’ve become

You’re the only one we’ve known

You know us well, you table top

You’ve watched us through the years

You’ve held our hands and soothed our hearts

You’ve calmed our woes and fears

You’ve been there for all of us

And with gracious praise and cheer

We thank you now, and wish you well

For one more faithful year

Dedicated to our beloved Battleridge kitchen table of27 years


4 Responses to “2015 04 05 Poetry:Table Top”

  1. Barry Lyons Says:

    Deon, as usual I’m blown away by your God given gift. Luv you Bro

  2. uncle merrill Says:

    Hi Deon,
    Sorry I don’t get on line more often. Just finished reading your latest poem post. Always amazed at the depth and quality of your literary creations. You always cheer me up and I really need that at times.
    Hope all’s well with you and yours
    Uncle Merrill

  3. carol clyons Says:


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