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2015 04 03 Poetry: Spring is Here April 3, 2015

Well hi there and how are ya doing on this glorious afternoon? Yes, it’s safe to say that spring has sprung, and today, looking at Mr. Thermometer, all I have to say is, where have you been my old friend?

It’s day three of National Poetry Month, and this is my third installment of my personal challenge to post a poem every day for the month of April. I have written a few poems about spring, and this one is my latest, being born only a few weeks ago. There might be something inside this piece that you can relate to, there might be something inside that you have no clue. Either way, here or there, hither or thither, it’s my spring gift to anyone who would like it. Thither? Is that a word? Hmm.

I’d likke to say thanks for all the support I have received with this blog. I’d like to also thank all those who have continuously inspired me throughout my life. Keep it coming and don’t let up?!

Here we go then, and have a great afternoon.


Spring is Here

Climbing sun, I bid you Happy equinox.
May your rising journey into the Southern sky continue with ease.
May your warming rays shine their way towards the summer solstice.
May you never look back, only to always look ahead.

Calm the dry, chapped hands of winter with your soothing touch.
Coax the life from within the frozen grounds of winter.
Paint the landscape with an explosion of green.
Welcome the northward flight with your beckoning call.

Sow the seed with wicker’s autumn promis.
Guide the shadows across your endless fields.
Spill out onto empty canvases with unrehearsed palette.
Carry your fragrant breeze with delicate touch.

The hours light up.
Spring is here.
The moonlight gives way.
Spring is here.
The eyes widen.
Spring is here.


One Response to “2015 04 03 Poetry: Spring is Here”

  1. scott lyons Says:

    Never thought it would come Bro!

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