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2015 04 02 Poetry: Poetic April 2, 2015

Well, here we are with day two of National Poetry Month. Today is a special day for me, as it is my grandson Jack’s 9th birthday. Oh how the time flies by, and oh how the memories just keep building.

I wrote the following poem a few nights ago, and haven’t done any editing on it. If I start editing after I write a poem, the editing and shuffling and rearranging never stop, so I figured I would try to post original, uncut pieces that have jumped out onto the screen.

My poetry is born from inspiration, and also creates inspiration for me. I’m glad you stopped by again, and hope you have a wicked good day.

See you tomorrow!




Am I a poetic man

Only words can tell

Am I just an endless phrase

A silent verse to tell

Am I riddled deep with question marks

A three ringed circus clown

Am I wearing scripted, painted brows

With an imaginary frown

Am I father to an only child

Or a grandpa to his son

Am I grayed and worn with tattered fringe

An unsuspecting pun

Have I loved as much as I can love

Am I heard amidst the noise

Am I seen as someone who can see

Standing tall with cane and poise

Am I closer to the finish line

Are my shoes worn thin and torn

Are my memories meant for only me

Or perhaps they’ve just been born

Have I answered all the questions

Have I shaken all the hands

Have I strolled down all the avenues

And looked out upon the lands

Am I a poetic man

In search for words to rhyme

Have I learned the lessons of my past

To write them down in time


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