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2015 04 01 Poetry: Fools for a Season April 1, 2015

April is here, and so is another round of National Poetry Month!

I have always loved writing poetry. There’s something about the rhythm, the words, the flowing message that has a way of changing every time we read it. I used to stick to rhyming poetry, until I learned that you could write poetry without rhyming the words, the flow, the texture of the piece.

I have made somewhat of a personal challenge to myself to write and submit a poem a day for the month of April. I might make it, I might not, but I will enjoy the experience, as I hope some of you do as well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you all survived the winter, and may the month of April bring you sunshine, smiles and joy.

Take care, and here we go.


Fools for a Season

It’s April first, and here we go
With a gag, a prank, or a Joke
The laughter rolling on and on
With a heckling jab or a poke

We seize the moment with a smile
As we dig our hooks in deep
Reel them in, and net them quick
Gullibility to reap

A year has passed since last year’s cast
Rehearsed their scripted play
Scene one, act two came roaring in
And captured April’s day

How fun it is to reminisce
With a wide, fulfilling grin
Unless the butt of the joke was you
And the year starts new again

Happy April Fools to all, especially the fools!



4 Responses to “2015 04 01 Poetry: Fools for a Season”

  1. Tokoni O. Uti Says:

    Cool poem!

  2. Judy Redding Says:

    That’s a fun project. Looking forward to what you come up with. And that’s no April Fool!

  3. Toots Says:

    Fun challenge for the month..for you and for us

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