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Poetry: Magnificence January 18, 2015


How quickly winter grips the mind and soul.
Joints clench, jaws tighten, knees quiver with cold.
Frozen winds wrap their shackles around the day, barricading autumn’s beauty with an unrehearsed magnificence.
Ice and snow tuck in the New Year, lulling the restless child of spring into a deep, promising sleep.
The sparkles of moonlit nights tap dance along a comforter of white.
With wisps of wind carving their signature into the landscape, the mercury settles into its frozen home.
Icicles glisten and stretch to life under a tormented sun as it slowly climbs the arctic air. Laughing at the naked limbs, bows of fir proudly carry the weight of the old man’s heavied hand.
Crystalled beads of wintery wet work their magic upon a rising morn.
Stacks of mortar and brick come to life as the huddled homes defy the north wind’s chilling grip.
Restless buds of spring study their scripted lines, quietly awaiting the curtain’s rise.

DP Lyons 01 15 2014


2 Responses to “Poetry: Magnificence”

  1. Hi Deon – this poem needs to be sent off to some publishers and would be great for literary mags…get it out. I have shared it on my personal face book page, Lynda McKinney Lambert, today. Keep writing such magnificence dear friend. I am praying for you all week and know that God is in control and all you need is HIS healing touch.
    “Be still and know that I am God.”

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