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2015 01 01 And Away We Go January 1, 2015

And away we go with another brand new 365! As I write this on day one, I’m wondering where 2014 went. I’m wondering how the time went by so fast from March to December. I’m wondering if I had all the chocolate back that I ate during the course of the year, would my fridge be big enough to handle it all. I’m wondering how some of the folks I met during the course of the year seem like old friends now. I’m wondering, and yes, I’ll probably wonder even more.

2014 was a year filled with a surge of emotions unlike any that I have ever felt. It was filled with a bevy of first times, and through them all, I emerged with a sense of accomplishment, once again, like I never experienced before. Surrounded by new places, new voices, new obstacles, new challenges and new opportunities, I have realized that so many of the previous impossibilities, or things that I previously categorized as impossible, came to fruition and surrounded me with a determination, get ready for it, unlike any I have ever come across.

College? Me? You must have me confused with someone else. And there I go again, cutting myself short on my accomplishments. Fact is, I did make it through my first semester of community college. I entered through the double doors, walked the halls, took my seat and did the work as best I could. I’m still pinching myself, and each time, it still remains as the truth.

As I stated earlier in this post, I have been met head on in 2014 with a handful of obstacles. It’s a good feeling when you can turn the obstacles into opportunities, or should I say, when you realize that each obstacle includes an opportunity. So much work can turn itself into so much reward, and with each instance, a new piece of me peeks through the brambles to catch a glimpse of something amazing and incredible. I am blessed with each obstacle, with each opportunity and with each result.

2014 also presented me with another familiar obstacle. I was diagnosed with another meningioma in late September, and have been receiving radiation treatments since December 15th. My first diagnosed meningioma, “brain tumor”, was back in 2013, and was able to be removed with a craniotomy. I received some orbital reconstruction as part of the process, and came through with flying colors. Unfortunately, this time the tumor can not be removed with the same procedure, as it is wrapped around the carotid artery, which supplies a portion of my brain with blood. Some, or most of the tumor could be removed with surgery and more major reconstruction, but without being able to remove it all, it would still be there, growing and growing, taking up space and not paying any rent. The radiation treatments this time around are filled with question marks, as these types of tumors don’t always react positively to the treatments. I am through 11 rounds after yesterday and have 16 more to go in the next three or so weeks.

I keep telling myself that this is just another bump in the road. I tell myself that it’s no big deal, and I’ll come through ok. Oh yes, I think about the negative side a lot, but realize that focusing on the variables, which usually includes a crap load of speculation, doesn’t do me a bit of good, so, I try to veer away from that way of thinking.

With this recent episode, and with my wife’s recent Thanksgiving Day knee injury, we have received much prayers, love and support. It’s so comforting to know that there are those who turn up when you’re up against it. I thank you all from the bottom of my billy goat heart.

I’m moving on into 2015 with an optimism that helps me get through times like these. I head into the New Year with an ever growing faith. I head into the unknown with hope, optimism and love from above and all around. Through it all, I am blessed to have family, friends and God to pick me up and carry me through one more ordeal in my life. Without them, well, it would sure be a lot harder.

2015 holds a year full of possibilities. The New Year holds those rewards that can only be achieved with hard work, determination and confidence of self. 2015 is, after all, all that we have, right here, right now.

I’m still writing some, although I’ve not written much since the fall semester began. I’m up to chapter 24 in my new book, and have been thinking heavily about where the story may take me. I’m sure it will be just as good a journey as it has been thus far.

I’m also going to try and head into more college courses, and hopefully this recent health situation won’t create too much of a distraction.

I’ll end here by wishing you all the best through this brand new year. I hope that you’re all able to seize each opportunity with optimism and courage. With those two ingredients, amazing things can happen. Take it from me.

God bless you all and I’ll be thinking of ya’s.



2 Responses to “2015 01 01 And Away We Go”

  1. PJ Says:

    As usual, you’re the one we should be trying to lift up, but it’s YOU who’s doing the lifting! Love your spirit, optimism and your zest for life. It is certainly being well-lived if this blog is any indication. You bless my life with your presence! May God continue to bless you in 2015, my brother!

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