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2014 12 18 Week 17 – A Big, Beautiful Blur December 18, 2014

Week 17: A Big, Beautiful Blur

Excuse me? Have you seen my fall semester? I was sure I set it down right over, umm, hmm, that’s weird. I know it was right over here just a little bit ago.

Could it be? Is it possible? Perhaps the fall semester is over and done with? Perhaps it came, it became and it went riding off into my past? Perhaps I typed that last phrase in my last post?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever had four months go by so fast in my life, let alone the whole year. It’s like, here you go, and there it was, gone. I remember hitting the mid term and thinking that I couldn’t believe how fast the first half of the semester seemed to have chugged right by. Now? Well, let’s just say I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how time can speed by so fast.

The semester is finished. The final tests and papers have been turned in. The laptop bag is slung over the chair until a few weeks into the New Year. The time is at hand to take a look back, and reflect. So much has happened these past four months. So many things have spun me around sideways as they came hurdling by. So many times during the past few months I have had to step back and keep telling myself that indeed, I was in college.

Overall, it was an incredible learning opportunity for me. At the onset, I tried to get in touch with as many people at the college as I could. I needed so much information, and I also needed reassurances that I had all the bases covered, leaving nothing behind that I would wind up needing later on. The accessibility challenges were hard, the work was even harder, and the ability to look past my own inhibitions proved to be the biggest achievement of all.

I remember a month or so into the semester, as I worked on a 3 section homework assignment in Tech Math. I sat and listened to my audio version of the text book, and the gentleman reading the problems to me, and then I remember asking myself why I would think I could do all this work. I asked myself how I was ever going to finish all of this incredibly, long, hard, demanding work. I looked down, shook my head, chuckled to myself, then started in on the next exercise. I think I worked on Math about six or seven hours that afternoon and into the evening, and as I finished the last problem, a sense of accomplishment swept through me that seemed to chase all the doubt away. Each time, during the semester when I ran up against the odds, I found myself continuously putting my head down and moving forward, and with each time, there seemed to be a calming, quiet tone inside that kept telling me that everything would work itself out if I just keep trying. And try I did. There were a few moments of second guessing, but determination reigned supreme, and coupled with the amount of assistance I received from the school, well, one semester down, and a few more to go.

My mobility with the campus only caused me a few embarrassing moments, like over shooting the main entrance at the Hinckley Campus, or not being able to find the door to my math class, or walking straight across the hallway without knowing it and entering the book store. There were ups and downs and ins and outs, but all of them added together equaled a semester full of first time experiences.

I know I’ve said this a few times, but it really is true that I owe so many, so much. None of it though would have been possible without one ingredient. Me! I have accomplished something that will be with me until my time here is done, and then probably even longer.

I’ll end this post by thanking all those who had a hand in helping me in my college quest. It has been a most remarkable experience, and I owe so much of it to you all.

May you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas, and here’s hoping the New Year brings you a year’s worth of magical memories that last you until 2016.

Be well all, and I’ll see you next semester.



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