Feeling the warmth of the sun on a cloudy day. A glimpse into a blind billy goat's unique, ever changing perspectives.

2014 12 09 Sweet Sixteen December 9, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

Some might think it’s just another week on the calendar. Some might not notice the significance of what this past week meant to some others. Some people just considered it the first week of December, and the start of the holiday season. For me, this past week took on a whole new meaning that I have never experienced before. It represented a path in my life that I never thought could ever exist. It represented sixteen weeks of testing me in a totally different way. It represented a reachable goal, a surmountable task and a purpose I began to understand. It defined the willingness to lay it all out there in the wide open, and coming away with an unbelievable prize that I still haven’t fully understood.

This past week marked the sixteenth week of my first semester of college. As the others before, it came, it became, and it went strolling into my past, leaving behind a plethora of memories and lessons that until this year, never ventured across my path, or should I say, I never noticed them venturing across my path.

‘Tis the season! “Tis the time to revel in the magic. “Tis the moments that make up this day, today, right now and there you have it.

When I walked through the double doors of Lunder last August, I sensed something in the air. It was all new, and strange, and different, and to say it was exciting is putting it mildly. I was entering the halls of college with a wide open mind, and a wide open heart. I was scared, unsure, anxious and full of doubt. What I was met with can only be described as a gift, for you see, what I encountered through these sixteen weeks can only be measured by my own achievements. I was handed something extraordinary, and through my own efforts I was able to make something of the opportunity. And what an opportunity it has become.

I have tried, through these sixteen weeks, to show my gratitude to those at KVCC, and to tell you the truth, I have run out of appropriate vocabulary to fully depict my appreciation. I have written time and time again how gracious my welcome was. I have written how the obstacles that being blind presents. I have written how the inspiration that I have felt has propelled me into and through a world of an unimaginable quest.

I have written about our incredible ability to absorb, adapt and advance. I have written how by placing one foot in front of the other can take you on a journey of the mind, body and soul. I have written how the gift of inspiration is something that never dies, and with it, our own ability to inspire others is born from within. I have written, I have experienced, and I have grown. Through it all, the reading, the writing, the mobility lessons, the anxiety and smiles and hand shakes, I have emerged with a knowledge that never existed before. I have learned so much, about so much, but I have learned even more about myself and what I’m capable of. The mind grows foggy and lazy through time if you don’t use it to its potential. It did take me a few days to recalibrate and oil the gears, but once the pistons started firing, what a ride I have had.

I’m half way through week seventeen, which is the final week. I have one more test to take, and one more report to submit. I have come a long way since those first days of late August, and I’m here to tell you that it’s far more than I ever imagined.

Sweet Sixteen. No matter how you say it, it holds a significance that will never die. With all the footsteps I have placed, one in front of the other, I still have many, many more to go. I am on a quest unlike anything I have ever done before. I am learning things I never knew before. I am meeting people that have never inspired me like this before.

One more test, one more research paper, one more lesson to learn.

And away we go.


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