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2014 11 13 Week Eleven Reflections November 13, 2014

Week 11 Reflections

Did I hear someone say, “Week 11:? How can that be? How can it have been eleven weeks already? How can so much time have passed since my first day of college? Who paints all those little M’s on all those M&M’s?

Ok, ok, I’m sorry. I lost focus, and now I’m back.

I talked with one of the counselors in Trio today, and she would like to talk with me next week about how I’m doing in Math class. She seems very interested in learning how I am handling the accessibility of the school work, and what my opinion is with the whole picture. I have to admit that I don’t really think about the accessibility much, other than trying to figure out how to actually do the work that’s placed in front of me. It all revolves around accessibility, in one way or another, but you see, I do so much accessibilityzing that it just seems second nature to me now. From the time I step out of our car in the morning, until I climb back in after classes, all there is is accessibility. The biggest key to it all is being able to recognize it and utilize it to the best of my ability. The term comes in so many different forms these days, and all of it is geared towards making things, well, accessible.

One thing that really stuck out as being a brain drainer was trying to think through the speculation that tormented me with all this college stuff. I have always been a pessimist by nature, and it never takes things long to run around inside my head more than they should. My cup of college was half empty, and the more I thought about it, the closer it sometimes got to becoming empty.

I understand that speculation is one of the biggest factors of pessimism, and I also started realizing that it wasn’t doing me a bit of good. As many times as I have stepped through a new door, it never became as bad an experience as what I played out in my head. With four plus years of walking in through unfamiliar doors, I have learned to take things as they come and give each incident all that I have to offer. It’s possible that not having the visual input has enabled me to pass by some of my old characteristics and personal traits. It’s possible that not seeing what’s coming allows me to take a deep breath and just experience the experience. It’s possible that with each new step, with each new door, with each new handshake, a new beginning to a new way of thinking and being is being born. It’s possible that the further along this new chapter I’m able to read, the further I am away from the last one. It’s possible that I’ve written the word “possible” a couple times too many.

Yes, that was week eleven that just flew by. With all the pages and documents and recordings and emails, I’m fairly certain that what I just witnessed was probably quite similar to what next week will bring.

Accessibility is the key. Digital technology holds the key. I don’t think I could have picked a better time to lose my vision. The wonderment of modern innovations has given so many tools to the blindness community. Independence starts within, but it is definitely enhanced by those who keep on creating their imaginations wildest dreams.

Speaking of the imagination’s wildest dreams, I do believe I’m just about to start week number twelve. Could this be true? Could this be possible? Could this be the start of something incredibly amazing?

I’m already eleven weeks past the start, so, I’ll let you figure that one out.


2 Responses to “2014 11 13 Week Eleven Reflections”

  1. Yes, this is how all your semesters will be – they FLY by fast. Not only does it go this way for the students, the professors experience it even more. Imagine one person having to read and evaluate all that work you guys produce during the semester-long assignments. lol One thing I am curious about, and which you have not mentioned, is how the students include you in the classroom, and out of class. Are you welcomed into their groups and into one-on-one relationships. I ask, because I know a student who was blind and going deaf, too. I met him when I was in rehab myself – and it happened he had graduated from the college where I taught. He told me of his loneliness as a young man who was always outside the loop with the other students. And, I have often wondered it that is typical. This young man was so much fun, and I just loved talking with him and we really hit it together – but, I was not at all surprised when he told me of his memories of being a disabled student on the campus. Your exprience, of course, would be different as you are a mature non-traditional student, and he was the typical college age student. I am thinking you are probably having good relationships due to your age, with the staff at your college? But, I wonder about how the young students see you? You are an amazing man and I know you will do wo well in this new world you entered last summer.

  2. Toots Says:

    Enjoy your mail…updates on this journey called life. Love you Cuz.

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