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2014 09 09 Looking Back on Week Two September 9, 2014

Looking Back on Week Two

As I look ahead at the possibilities, I look back at the opportunities that have crossed my path. Week two at KVCC is behind me, and although I still pinch myself from time to time, I remember it all. Every cane sweeping moment is lodged firmly in my dusty bucket of brains, and as I head into week three, I feel poised and ready for more.

I never really know what my days are going to produce for situations and obstacles. I never know how the twisting, turning road will come at me, and I try to find time during my day to stop and thank my lucky stars that I had the chance to do what I did over the summer.

From the orientation and mobility lessons, to getting to spend some time with the KVCC administration and faculty, to being afforded a helping of digital tuning, I had a unique chance to catch a small glimpse of college life, even if but for a moment or two. The insights and perceptions I gained over the summer months helped me to prepare for what the fall semester would bring. Oh yes, there have been those unexpected moments of anxious stares into the unknown, but with them, came a calming sense of accomplishment for what I had already worked through with the preparation.

The biggest plus of all, is the comforting feeling that I know where I am at all times when I am on campus. I know how to get from King to Lunder. I know where Room 107 is, and how to get to King 112. I know my way through Carter, up those dreaded split stairs, out through the zig zag sidewalk towards the King, and through the dreaded interior of the King building, on my way through to Lunder and the Learning Commons. It’s such a good feeling to not have to worry about how to get from here, to wherever there is. For me, being oriented is half the battle. Not having to worry about where I am all the time has freed up my brain to try and focus on other more important things, like school work, my laptop, my recordings, people’s names. Things like that.

I did have to work my way into the swing of things, such as maneuvering through crowded halls and stairwells, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’ll feel more comfortable with that as well. It reminds me of my days at the Carroll Center in Newton back in 2010. Those first few weeks were a worrying frenzy of trying not to trip up folks with my cane, not falling down a stairwell, wondering why the elevator door kept opening up in the basement, trying to figure out how to make it from the fish bowl, to the ?Rose Room. It all came to me in time, and with a lot of hard work. I have done the hard work during these past few months, and now I have even more hard work to do. What a trade. Grin

Fact is, I am where I am because of my own perseverance, by the Grace of God, and by the hands of some very knowledgeable and intuitive professionals who know how to help a blind man to see.

It has taken me a couple of weeks to train my brain again with how to study, how to focus, how to pay attention, organize, figure out and get the point. It will take me even longer to dust off the cobwebs and break out the ways of old. I always took pride in being a quick study in my younger years. I never took advantage of it as I should have, and now, because I waited so long, I have my work cut out for me. It’s something I chose though, and to tell you the truth, I don’t think I would have it any other way.

My brain has come a long way in four years. I have learned how to sort and manipulate my data intake a lot differently than I have ever been used to. I am probably using parts of my brain that have been lying dormant for quite some time. Perhaps maybe forever? Who knows. All I do know is that I smell smoke from time to time, and it isn’t because someone is burning the blueberry field.

What I’m trying to say is thanks. Who I’m saying thanks to, is all of you. Where I need to be is right where I am. The only person I need to impress, is myself.

Ready? Ok then.

Here we go!


5 Responses to “2014 09 09 Looking Back on Week Two”

  1. Missy Burke Says:

    I love and your attitude Deon!! Keep on keeping on ya ole goat!!

  2. Rhonda Says:

    If everyone had your attitude, Deon, the human race would be far better off!

  3. Terri Fiorello Says:

    It sounds like things are coming along and the old brain is getting back to the old grind of school work! So glad you are liking it little brother and please know that you are in my thoughts 24/7 today, tomorrow and forever. Love you dearly! Terri

  4. Gail Johnson Says:

    Hi Deon,
    I don’t always comment but I do enjoy your blog.
    All of life is a interesting process and it is always in how one handles it.
    I feel blessed to be a friend of yours. I give you many high-fives.

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