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2014 09 01 Week One September 1, 2014

Week one has come and gone, and with it, a drumming heart beat that kept in time with a lingering melody that walked beside me all the while. Like a familiar taste on the tip of my tongue, this rhyming rhythm threw down its poetic verse as if daring me to keep pace with my own sweeping steps. Every where I turned, everywhere I stepped, everywhere I swept and tapped my cane, everywhere I stood and listened, the musical chimes of a campus come alive, wrapped its soaring chords I have grown to love around my searching ears and hummed a soothing tune, as if it were meant especially for me.

The hallways chorused in with their symphonic overture, like a magnum opus of the richest kind. I had heard the footsteps before, but never crafted as clear as I did these first few days. I had walked right along side the mentoring tutors of old, but rarely had I ever felt as big a part of something as grand as this. I had tasted those seeds of wisdom from days ago, but the flavor was unlike what I savored this past week.

As I walked and swept my way down through the corridors and stairwells, I was reminded of a boy who hopped and ran through those hallways of yesterday. I was reminded of a yearning from once upon a boy, of a magnet pulling at my metallic soul, that same soul that pounds away inside me today. I remembered back, and as a smile crept across my face, I became aware of a feeling of belonging to something that has always been there, but I never took the time to pay mind to.

It’s such an elusive chore really, to know where you are, and to be able to breathe in every ounce of the goodness. It’s a gift from the here and now, a treasure that remains always in view. It has always been, and will always be the gift of the present, wrapped inside today and waiting to be experienced.

I could hear it throughout the halls this week. I could tell that something special was going on, and as the sounds came cascading in, I became aware of how grateful I felt to be a small part of it.

The learning never stops. The yearning remains alive. The fires from deep inside have once again been ignited by a constant source of energy from a campus in Central Maine.

The things I once dreamed have come true. The things I never thought reachable have wrapped their arms around me.

I hear a welcoming voice inviting me in. Sensing an opportunity, I reach out and grab hold of the moment. If but for only a moment, I will cling tightly and open my mind.

Week one has come and gone, and as I sit back and reflect, I hear the faint calling as the halls beckon me towards week 2.


9 Responses to “2014 09 01 Week One”

  1. Walter Woitasek Says:

    I enjoyed the description of movement through the halls and stairs. I can feel the memory of my first experiences my first time at Asbury college in 52. walter

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Thanks for the note Walter. It stirred up a lot of memories for me from back through grade and high school. It seems almost like yesterday. Almost. grin

    • llambert363 Says:

      Hi Deon,
      Hope you get this – I am not so saavy at Word Press and get LOST sometimes when I try to respond to a blog. But, I wanted to say – GLAD your first week is now behind you and you will move on to Week TWO and all the rest of the weeks till you reach the end of your semester in December. Good luck to you and I am proud to know you. Keep on writing and be sure to use your “listening ears” when your professor critiques your work and gives you advice to help you grop. You have so much potential and it will all pay off for you in the year ahead. Lynda

      • DP Lyons Says:

        Thanks Lynda. Your comment went through just fine. I appreciate the note and thoughts. It’s good to know I’ve got such huge amounts of inspiration behind me. dp

      • llambert363 Says:

        Can you believe it, Deon! I am such a slow learner. I just figured out how to find notes and messages on word press…I have only been on this for a year, and it has been a big struggle – but, hey, I found your note. Good on me, right?

      • DP Lyons Says:

        Good things take time sweetie. There’s a lot to the wordpress sites. The trouble is, finding time to figure them all out. grin Thanks again for the support. dp

  2. walter Says:

    hi deon, just trying to make contact. walter

  3. PJ Says:

    The journey begins..or better yet, is it coming full circle, only to have found that you are picking up where you left off, those years ago? Ain’t it grand? Very proud of you!

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Funny how it takes so long sometimes, to figure out that you have things you need to finish. Oh how the time flies in between. The full circle seems like it’s still circling overhead. dp

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