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2014 08 20 The Bell Rings August 20, 2014

And away I go, down through the hall. The lights overhead help guide me along the echoing path as I step towards my future. A door to the right, a door to the left, a dull light starts to show itself ahead of me. I smack my white cane against the walls of the corridor. The crack of the stick upon brick rings down along the narrow hall as I pass under another ceiling light.

Where am I going? Who is that I hear? Am I walking towards something significant? Is there a purpose or an ingredient cleverly hidden somewhere inside this never ending tunnel? I sense someone, then someone else, walking towards and past me. I feel the strangely familiar energy all around me. I smell an awareness that has somehow eluded me until now. I reach out and try to touch the energy that is coming at me from every angle.

A light appears from the corner of my eye. It’s another dull, murky reminder of those visions that remain just out of reach. I stop my sweeping. I stop my stepping. I stop my breathing. I stop, I turn and I listen. My senses switch on. The light is coming from a room and I am drawn to it as though it was meant just for me.

I brush my forearms against a doorway as I head towards the light. The light is brighter now, and a different echo takes control of my perception. A hollow echo. A beckoning echo. A welcoming echo that hugs me tight and welcomes me into its faintly familiar feel.

Slowly I sweep and move through the hollowed room. Carefully I make my way towards the light ahead of me. My cane smacks something to the right, then cracks against something to the left. A force pulls me to the left as I methodically make my way towards yet another unknown.

The feeling begins to grow. The past sings softly at my side as I reach out and down. My fingers slide across a smooth, flat surface with rounded edges. I shuffle my feet and slide around the smooth surface, and there it is. As I reach down, I feel the welcoming whisper of a rolling chair. As I slide the chair carefully away from the smooth, flat surface, I position myself in front of it and then, I sit.

The room swirls around me with a hundred memories from decades before. I hear the sounds of chair legs dragging across the floor. I hear the laughter as it races past the outside in the hallway. I feel the chalk as it drags across the freshly cleaned board. I feel the electricity of the gathered young as they wait, patiently for the lessons to be learned. I taste the sweet flavor as life’s nectar fills my soul with the yearning’s of a young boy.

I take a deep breath and ready myself for another taste of a higher plateau.

Am I where I’m supposed to be? Am I as ready as I could be? Am I aware of how grateful I should be? Am I able to grab hold of the day and seize control of my own personal destiny?

The room begins to fill with footsteps, voices, promise and hope.

The bell rings as a quieting hush hugs the room.

School has begun.


3 Responses to “2014 08 20 The Bell Rings”

  1. Barry Lyons Says:

    So excited for you Deon. I felt all those feeling again as I read your blog. Enjoy bro, this is another new era in your life. Luv u

  2. DP Lyons Says:

    If you sit close enough, can I steal your notes? Just checking.

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