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2014 05 26 Poetry: Memorial Day May 25, 2014

Memorial Day
A Poem by DP Lyons

Memories flow through the line of heavy pounding hearts
Wondering, wishing, wading for the sun to move through the day
Pictures of yesterday’s voices lie cluttered along the shelves
Faces of a May morning raise their heads, searching through the past

Lonely, sweet tones recollect the colors of the departed
Reflections of loving smiles cling tightly to yesterday’s song
Rows of medals, pinned with pride, dance about in the morning light
With gathered steps of spring, the parades march on

Waving flags beside the children’s smiles help to carry the message home
Brilliant gaze from olden eyes reminds us how things have come to be
Sharp, precision steps, march side by side with a country’s pride
A single, lone trumpeter’s call bids the past a proud farewell

Beckoning words caress the crowd with chapters, bound and true
Petals of red and lilies white paint the fields of carved stone
Faint, distant, slivers of love ease down upon the morn
Memorial Day, Oh Memorial Day, we shall always remember you

The 26th of May, 2014

How proud I am to live in such a country as this.
How proud those who came before me must have been as well.


2 Responses to “2014 05 26 Poetry: Memorial Day”

  1. daddylion Says:

    excellent hon   love it   dad 

  2. carol Says:

    beautiful words, beautiful memories. thanks for sharing. my love, mom

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