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2014 05 21 Open Seas 03 Starboard Side! May 21, 2014

Open Seas 03

Hard a port, starboard side!

What the heck does that mean anyway? Should I take a left? Perhaps a right might be more in order? Will two quick swipes of the cane do?

I look behind me, and all I see is open sea. I look ahead, and I see the same. to the right, to the left, only sea and sky. It’s an eerie feeling to be somewhere you have never been before. It’s a bucket full of unfamiliarity, apprehension and doubt. Is unfamiliarity a word? It sounds like it should be, right?

At this point in my life, the total sum of all my actions have led me to here. Of course, my actions have been persuaded and coaxed by my surroundings, but they are still my actions. I’m responsible for their outcome and I am the sole bearer of their fortune and hardships. I am responsible for their existence and when appropriate, I reap their rewards. I also learn from the mistakes and believe me, I have done a lot of learning.

I should tell you that I have been going on some mobility lessons as of late with a woman who wears a Red Sox hat. We have been visiting the KVCC Campus in Fairfield and I’ve been getting completely lost as often as I usually do when I am in unfamiliar locations. The going has been tough, but tough is where the learning steps in and takes charge. I’ve had my head spun around, popped off its hinges, and duct taped back on, and then I somehow choose to do it all over again.

Yes, that’s right, I’m going back to school.

Thanks for stopping by my blog once again. I’ve fallen off my normal procedure for entering posts these last couple months, but nothing ever lasts forever, right? I do plan on posting when I get a chance and I’ll try to keep you up to snuff on what’s going on with my outer body experiences on campus. This is the next leg of my journey, and so far, I seem to be up for the challenge. I know that there are going to be many tough days ahead, but I have a few rough days behind me that will probably play a major role in how I handle all this.

The seas will probably get rough at times and the distance to sail is mapped only by months, but I have time on my side, and a bucket full of faith.

The winds are out of the west and the horizon is crystal blue, so, here we go.

Talk soon.



2 Responses to “2014 05 21 Open Seas 03 Starboard Side!”

  1. Dee Says:

    My Dear Cuzz,
    What can I say???? First of all, congratulations,
    secondly, nothing you do surprises me!!! You
    have been blessed with so many gifts, everything
    you do, you do well….
    I love this quote by Erma Bombeck, it reminds me
    of you:
    When I stand before God at the end of my life, I
    would hope that I would not have a single bit of
    talent left, and could say, ” I used everything you
    gave me!!!” And that you continually do Deon…
    Please keep me posted on your new adventure,
    I couldn’t be prouder!!!! Best…..
    Big Hugs,

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