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2014 05 14 Open Seas 02 Say Hello, Wave Good Bye May 14, 2014

The open water lies ahead, and nothing else. It’s a formidable sight, with much emotional anxiety surrounding it all. For the most part, the seas, the skies, the mind is clear. There is no clutter, there is no confusion, there is no second thoughts occurring that may lead me astray. There is only miles and miles of unknown waters daring someone, daring me, to cross them.

As I turn to look behind, the port where we set sail from grows smaller on the horizon. The faces have vanished, the familiar surroundings have steadily grown smaller, the landmarks have disappeared into a million miles of sky, clouds and sea. I know and will never forget my home, my past, my reasons I am who I am. I will store my experiences of life in my front pocket, where I can pull them out and remember at the drop of a hat, a snap of the finger, any moment in time.

I wave good bye to that certain part of my life that has lead me to this point. I wave good bye to all of my inhibitions that have hampered my existence and plagued my growth. I wave good bye to that part of me that always wondered, “Why not”.

I wave good bye, and say hello to what lies in store. I say hello to all the things I never knew existed, or believed I would cross paths with. I say hello to an open sea, full of first encounters, full of possibilities, full of what I may some day become, if I choose.

The seas, so far, are calm. The seas roll out beyond the horizon, beckoning even the most doubtful of hearts. The seas bow down and bid me safe travels to parts unknown. The seas welcome me to a home that I’m not familiar with yet.

I really don’t know what to think. I am totally amazed with so many emotions that lie scattered across an open field, seperating a boy from a man.

All I can do at this moment is hum the Rod Stewart song, “We are sailing. We are sailing. Home again, across the sea.”

The melody is clear, the story is in the midst of becoming, the journey is mine.


One Response to “2014 05 14 Open Seas 02 Say Hello, Wave Good Bye”

  1. daddylion Says:

    love t  hon ,its you   lol lu dad 

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