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2014 05 09 Essay: Cool Summer Breeze May 9, 2014

Cool Summer Breeze

I remember as a boy, the cool summer breeze that would effortlessly swing in through the window screen in my room as the day finally came to a close. There was a certain smell to the night that reminded me why I loved Summer so. All of the worries, all of the cares, all of the troubles of the day seemed a million fireflies away. I would lie in bed, looking out the window towards the road at another lonely set of headlights go flickering by and think of how much I had enjoyed the day that had just passed. No matter how much I had looked forward to that day though, I craved the next day even more. Those flooding emotions, those boyish feelings, those amazing moments were perhaps a progression of joy that as a young lad, I could never escape.

The magical winds of time sculpted each day of my oncoming future. They carved my name with the spinning hands of time, and as those hands guided me and gently nudged me towards my next tomorrow, I grabbed hold of and hugged that day, along with the day before, for after all, the past was my past.

I was walking out towards the dog pen to let Deena the dainty back into the house yesterday evening when I caught a whiff of something in the afternoon breeze. As quick as a cricket a feeling swept down over me and I was instantly transported back to a summer’s day from my youth. I suddenly became aware of a deep seeded emotion that I hadn’t felt for a long, long time. The power of the moment caught me by surprise and as I slowly walked on towards the pen, I remembered every ounce of that feeling from the past. It might have been a form of déjà vu, I don’t know. But I do know that this feeling, this breeze from the past, this wind from yesterday gone by, stayed with me all night. I told my wife what I was feeling, what I smelled, what my senses were tugging at, and she said that she felt it too. I was glad, so very glad that I wasn’t the only one that felt this strong surge of goodness. If everyone could taste this incredible palette from the past, perhaps we would all just step back, remember, and smile.

I am a fortunate man for having so many good memories that I can fall back on, that I can get lost in, that I can reflect on. I am as hopeful as any heart full of hope can be that my son and grandson may some day experience this same sense of belonging, this same emotional swell from the past, this incredible slice of who we were, this handy helping of why we are. I do get caught up with emotions a lot as of late. I remember, I see the faces in my mind, I go back and feel those days like they are still in my back pocket. When I run through the snapshots from the past, I see the smiles, I remember the laughter, I feel the hugs and a sense of belonging overtakes me.

This open window in time is one of the best feelings in the world, and this particular one, well, I hope you don’t mind if I take it and run with it.


Is there a moment that suddenly ran through your memory of the past? Did a specific activity or event propel you to those days of old with the same feelings, sounds and smells? Was there a time when you felt as though you were standing in a certain spot, on a certain day, doing a certain thing many years ago? What did it feel like for you? How long did the feeling last? Did it feel like Deja Vu?

I’d love to read your comments describing some of your experiences.

Thanks again for stopping by.



2 Responses to “2014 05 09 Essay: Cool Summer Breeze”

  1. Glen Foss Says:

    Even when you write prose, it is profoundly poetic. Is it so that senses, even the experience of emotion, become super charged with the loss of a sense? What a blessing… Good luck at UMA. You will soar. They won’t know what hit em!

    Here’s a piece i wrote recently. Hope you enjoy.


    • DP Lyons Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog Glen, and I appreciate the note. I have written several times that it seems as though I lost my vision at times so that I might be able to see. I do see things in a different light these days, and the senses reel at times, but they do lift me up and carry the load. I read your Gettysburg post, and was moved greatly. Such rich history right at your fingertips. It must be an amazing feeling. Hats off to your ancestors, and to you for bringing the story to light. dp

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