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2014 04 26 Poetry: Just A Moment Ago April 26, 2014

Just A Moment Ago

I was walking with my son the other day, and he, along side of me.
We walked, we talked, and we walked some more, talking of how things could be.
He told me of things that he’d like to do, and of places he’d like to go.
He talked of things that he wished he had done, and of things that he just didn’t know.

We looked up ahead at my Grandson, his son, as he pedaled his bike down the trail,
The way he was able to capture his world, amidst an innocent young boy’s tale.
I looked at my son and he looked back at me, as I winked, and gave him a smile.
I told him how proud I was of his life, and that I most likely would be for a while.

I told him that things which he had in his life, the things he could feel and could share,
Were the things in his life that mattered the most, right now, right then, and right there.
All of the things that are just out of reach, that we want, that we lust, that we crave,
Were the things that we really didn’t need to have, or collect, or buy, or save.

The one true thing that matters the most, is the feelings we have deep inside.
The love for our family, our dearest of friends. The times that we laughed and we cried.
The smiles on the faces, the tears on the frowns, the complete joyous feeling of love.
The helping of hands with a pat on the back, and the warming glow from above.

My son looked at me, and I back at him, as we continued to walk for a spell.
The passion I felt in the tone of his voice made my heart start to pound and to swell.
I remembered a man, from a few years before, who sounded quite similar to him.
Every step that I took I remembered some more, as the daylight outside grew dim.

I told him to grab hold of moments. The ones that make all the memories come true,
Because some days it’s hard to imagine, how fast the moments pass by, out of view.
As I write these words, that day has since passed, though it seems just a moment ago.
The older I get, the more that I feel, the passions continue to grow.

I’ll remember that walk for the rest of my life. I’ll remember the words that we shared.
I’ll remember the way that my Grandson flew by, as if no one else mattered, or cared.
I’ll hang on to things that matter the most, like the memories I have of that day.
I’ll treasure them all as I wrap them up tight, and store them all safely away.


One Response to “2014 04 26 Poetry: Just A Moment Ago”

  1. daddylion Says:

    i just love this one   love you —dad 

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