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2014 04 25 Poetry: One More April 25, 2014

Hey there and thanks for stopping by. Here’s another poem from my collection. I try to write a few poems each week. Some weeks they just seem to pop out onto the screen, other weeks I struggle to find the rhythm to the music. No matter what, I keep on writing, and before you know it, the screen is once again full of text.

the following poem I wrote about two years ago. From what I can remember, it’s one of those that was anxiously waiting for an empty screen.

Thanks again for stopping by, and feel free to have a look around. There are a ton of posts, going back to late spring 2011. Also, feel free to leave a comment if you like. I try to respond to all comments and queries as soon as I can.

Have a wicked good day.



One More

One more sun slowly pokes its head through a dream filled wall of night.
One more day takes its place and kneels at the starting block.
One more picture to freshen up the daily photo album sitting on the night stand.
One more paragraph to be written in that old journal that never seems to collect any dust.

Another two spins around by the short hands of that clock on the wall.
Another chance to catch up with everything that seems to have gotten away.
Another rise of the sun to the highest part of the pale blue sky.
Another day to fill up, to work through, to grab hold of, to carry on.

Just another room full of familiar faces to smile back at.
Just another street corner to wander out around.
Just another reflection in the store front window to gaze upon.
Just another shimmering pond to skip a stone across.

So many places to go.
So many people to see.
So many questions to ask.
So many stories to tell.

How do we take in all of the wonder and amazement, without being selfish?
How do we always find our way without ever unfolding the map?
How do we accept all the tasks when we’re so unsure of the outcome?
How do we do what we do without being completely sure of the reasons why?

One more day winds its way down and softly bids us goodnight.
One more warming hug followed by a gentle kiss on the cheek.
One more everlasting promise of tomorrow’s rising sun.
One more dream filled slumber to guide us through another starry night.


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