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2014 04 22 Poetry: Scattered April 22, 2014

It’s still National Poetry Month, and I’m still posting poetry. Isn’t that cool? grin

I do thank you for dropping by, and hope this next set of rhythmic text finds you well.

Take care and be good.




Another day lies scattered in my wake.
Another trip across the sky by an October sun.
Another restless walk through a similar thought, wrapped around a couple more.
How short the days seem, the older I get.
How the wind seems to whisper those songs of yesterday.
If I leave now, I might catch up with tomorrow.
If I leave now, I might stay ahead of the past.
If I leave now, I might remember what I’m supposed to do.
With one glimpse, I could see the horizon.
With one glimpse, I could tell the difference between yesterday and today.
With one glimpse, I might be able to see what it is that I hear.
Another thought reminds me of a dream.
Another sound reminds me of a song.
Another touch reminds me of a story.
Another step reminds me of the journey.
Another day reminds me how to live.
Chasing the sun, I skip across the day.
Chasing the shadows, I fall back a step or two.
Chasing a familiar voice, I whisper to myself.
With one more minute, I grab hold of an hour.
With one more breath, I catch hold of life.
With one more moment as a man, I remember the child.
Another moment lies empty on the shelf.
Another midnight wraps around the night.
Another sunrise shines into my endless dream.
Another day lies scattered in my wake.


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