Feeling the warmth of the sun on a cloudy day. A glimpse into a blind billy goat's unique, ever changing perspectives.

2014 04 18 Poetry: Straight Ahead, To The Left April 18, 2014

Straight Ahead, To The Left

Brilliant light coming from a dark room
Colored schemes tangled into a blank document
Hollowed out souls, looking for an over stuffed chair
See through confusion, wrapped around cloudy comprehension
Hopeless ending surrounded by an endless hope
Scripted sunrise mixed up in a blueless horizon
Whispered shouts amidst the screaming quiet
Reckless abandon with a perception of exact accountability
Presume what isn’t ever going to be there
Justifying shame, with a pinch of humility
Sanity spinning around, inside a logical dementia
We reach, we grab hold of, therefor, we lose control
Taking for granted what should have never been
Freshly folded linens atop a dirty kitchen table
Craving a taste for the things in which we dislike
A bottle of glue broken in two
Looking ahead into the rear view mirror
Loving to hate those same passions that we hate to love
Walking in through the out door
Leaving behind the beginning of something different
Pulling hard on nothing at all
Looking for something you never knew was there
Mixing up the ingredients that someone else added
Listening for that same, unfamiliar voice
Answering someone else’s question
Forgetting to remember what you already forgot
Setting the table after the meal is through
Fixing something you haven’t broken yet
Looking out through a window with the shutters pulled tight
Solving a brand new problem with the same solution
Forging on, straight ahead, to the left


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